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Selling straw to the peasants in times of scarcity of provender was what he might do, even though he felt sorry for them; but the tavern and the pothouse must be put down, though they were a source of income.
He was dressed in a Newmarket coat and tight-fitting trousers; wore a shawl round his neck; smelt of lamp-oil, straw, orange-peel, horses' provender, and sawdust; and looked a most remarkable sort of Centaur, compounded of the stable and the play-house.
Pancks recognised the sally in his usual way, and took in his provender in his usual way.
The municipality is planning to provide food for stray dogs in order to discourage them from entering residential areas in the capital on a hunt for provender.
Billington's English Provender Company condiments and chutneys arm, which sells to major supermarket groups, saw strong growth in retail sales, though this was partially offset by a fall in sales to food manufacturers.
Emma Stanbury, Brand Manager at The English Provender Co.
Police would like the public's help in identifying the man shown in picture 5 at the English Provender Company, Brymau Two Trading Estate, River Lane, Saltney on October 27.
Other category winners included Julianne Ponan of Creative Nature, Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings for their company Olivia Burton, Sarah Heward from the Real Food Cafe, Belinda Williams and her Yorkshire Provender firm, and Emily Brooke, 28, who quit her physics degree at Oxford to follow a passion for design with her company Blaze.
He is active in the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, Provender Alliance, Green Lane, Willamette Food and Farm Coalition, Sustainable Food Trade Association and Grace Community Fellowship.
Princess Olga Romanoff, the great granddaughter of Alexander III of Russia, is looking to hire a "garden boy" at Provender House.
Chemical insecticides cannot be used in association with flour or sources of provender because of their direct consumption by humans or animals.
Drop two generous spoonfuls of our favourite lemon curd (which is English Provender Co.