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Methodologically, this study underlines how defining ceramic provenience in terms of geological precincts enables a more robust and systematic evaluation of the relationship between geographical scale and ceramic type diversity.
In the Palauan view, their origins were rather more marvelous, given that, as Richard Parmentier reports, 'there is an important connection in Belau, as elsewhere in the Austronesian world, between the notion of foreign provenience and sacred power' (1987:39).
jazz, blues, rap) largely contributed to the popularity of word stock and phraseology of AAE provenience among the whites (thus, AAE has generally transcended ethnic boundaries (Smith 2012: 14)).
Therefore crucial role within these processes is played by the multicultural education, as thanks to such it is possible, on one side, to notice and phenomenologically experience cultural differences of various provenience, and on the other side to create dialogic intercultural spaces, which accustom such cultural differences, making them part of social/communal or individual cultural orders.
regardless of its provenience it can make a further half a turn, and so on.
Taking into consideration the fact that we are talking about people with a specific ethnic provenience, who either by necessity or upon their own free will have migrated before the inception of the Macedonian national state, i.
Additionally, the very nature of the cantata itself presents many problems especially regarding oldest documents from the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries which are found mainly in manuscript copies without any indications of dating and/or provenience.
One candidate from Baluchistan Ishfaq Hussain while six candidates belonging to Sindh provenience including Noman Saeed, Mushtaq Ali, Zeeshan Inam, Rafique Hussain, Muhammad Amir Chandio and Muhammad Zeeshan have also been selected.
For a given taxon, only a single sample was selected from any one provenience (e.
A find's context consists of its immediate matrix (the material surrounding it, usually some sort of sediment such as gravel, sand or clay), its provenience (horizontal and vertical position within the matrix), and its association with other finds (occurrence together with other archaeological remains, usually in the same matrix) (Renfrew & Bahn 2001, 50).
1) This work is supported by the Project of Technological Progress of Jilin Provenience (NO.