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This is earlier than expected in view of the presumed stratigraphic provenience near the Dhok Pathan Rest house as mentioned by MacFadden and Woodburne (l982) and Hussain and Bernor (1984).
From the existing review of literature on link between governance and performance a variable called Board Provenience (% of Foreign Directors) is least studied.
Demographic data of control versus depressed patients Subjects N Sex (M) % Age (mean) Provenience (U) % Control 27 33.
Cirrhilabrus squirei, una nuova specie di labridi provenience dalla Grande Barriera Corallina australiana e dal Mar dei CoraIli, e descrirta sulla base di quattro esemplari di 36.
The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health (MOH) plans to develop dental clinics in Qatif, in Eastern Provenience, Saudi Arabia.
lupi were identical according their geographic provenience (i.
Along with other valuables of foreign provenience, these currencies figured importantly in bridewealth.
The Museum acquired a looted statue of the Weary Herakles in early 1981, (86) although the object lacked good provenance (87) ('provenance' is a history of ownership) and good provenience ('provenience' is the history of excavation).
Not only is the Chinese central authority spread out in multiple levels of authority, but other different sources of provenience of authority can be tracked down.
Clearly Lilly viewed the buying and selling of artifacts without provenience as a primary boundary-delimiting behavior.
Joyce argues that provenience should be joined to provenance as a link "in a single chain of places that an object has occupied" (48).
jazz, blues, rap) largely contributed to the popularity of word stock and phraseology of AAE provenience among the whites (thus, AAE has generally transcended ethnic boundaries (Smith 2012: 14)).