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It would be nice to see a reduced trac ow and less polluted High Street in Kings Heath but moving all the furniture or rearranging it to facilitate a cycle lane is taking the proverbial sledgehammer to nut.
Pre Qualification: Treadmill With Console Having The Capacity To Deliver Smooth And Responsive Running Performance, Added Benefits Of Latest Proverbial Technologies With Durability, Comfort And Easy To Use Auto Stop Method As Well As Its Installation.
The author examines speeches, sociopolitical writings, and the Declaration of Independence in connection with educational and professional justice for women, the struggle against the proverbial misogyny of the Bible, and the Golden Rule as the philosophical foundation of equality.
A proposito da citacao proverbial, pode-se dizer ainda que tal fenomeno enunciativo (de autoridade) marca "a adesao onde o 'locutor' se apaga diante de um 'Locutor' superlativo que garante a validade da enunciacao.
Making a way out of no way"; Martin Luther King's sermonic proverbial rhetoric.
POSTSCRIPT: WITH everyone now apparently feeling the proverbial heat in the proverbial political kitchen of Wavertree, is Labour's external candidate the one now best placed to take the community engagement message back to the media-political village?
The proverbial sledge-hammer has been used to attack the equally proverbial nut and has failed: how this has happened and what this has cost taxpayers is explained here in clear, factual terms.
2 : commonly spoken of <You have the proverbial beginner's luck.
SWISS Franc ran an absolutely massive race to finish second to the very smart Henrythenavigator in the Coventry Stakes at Royal Ascot and is surely the proverbial Group winner waiting to happen.
html), actually there was a whole lot more that slipped through the proverbial crack.
Only in Luke is the angelic statement of fact ("You seek Jesus [of Nazareth], who was crucified"--Mt 28:5; Mk 16:6) replaced with a question that immediately lets the proverbial cat out of the bag: "Why do you look for the living among the dead?