proverbial saying

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2) A proverbial saying meaning, `why enlarge on irrelevant topics?
One says so because one has been able to see, relate and enjoy the proverbial saying that goodness is as perennial as the grass; as well as everywhere to be found
This expression has become a proverbial saying, which means, "Be prepared.
For all practical purposes, most of us today have gone immune to the fact and the proverbial saying that today is the time to act as tomorrow may not come to be yours.
This is not to scare anyone as there is a proverbial saying amongst motorcyclists, "If you have not fallen, you are going to fall.
If you buy that, than as the proverbial saying goes, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
In compliance with the proverbial saying "Justice delayed is justice denied," the office of Banking Mohtasib is determined to resolve complaints against banks within a period of 45 days and that spirit is gauged from the fact that the banks were made to pay over Rs132 million to the complainants against the banks in 2010.
I have 12 months before I will, as the proverbial saying goes, 'fly the nest' nevertheless I have many friends who are preparing to go to universities near and far this year and I don't mind saying that I can't wait
Furthermore, the mere presence of hineh does not necessarily indicate a proverbial saying (cf.
The rest, as the proverbial saying goes, is history.
Words teach us, but examples bring us closer, says a Latin proverb, which gives me motive to show by means of examples how patience among Macedonians was and will always be a beneficial contribution, rather than the traditional proverbial saying that "patience is punishment for sin.
This gave rise to the proverbial saying "As true as Coventry blue".