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If you buy that, than as the proverbial saying goes, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
I have 12 months before I will, as the proverbial saying goes, 'fly the nest' nevertheless I have many friends who are preparing to go to universities near and far this year and I don't mind saying that I can't wait
The rest, as the proverbial saying goes, is history.
This gave rise to the proverbial saying "As true as Coventry blue".
6) The principle underlying the proverbial saying informed Vasari's Lives of the artists - for example, the "life" of Piero di Cosimo, who, painting a primordial humanity, is said to have been himself a "savage" person.
Kallifatides offers one proverbial saying that may stem from his homeland but is universal: "One cannot get good advice from people who are thinking about what they have in the oven.
MP Ebitssam Hijris talked during the seminar and urged for the need to undergo regular breast examination procedure as the tool to prevent the onset of the disease, highlighting the need to spread awareness regarding breast cancer because as the proverbial saying goes: Prevention is better than cure.
In Arrow of God, a novel described by some critics as the dictionary of Igbo proverbial sayings (Nwadike, 1989:36) that concretizes the African pyscho-cultural crisis, deeply entrenched in the African proverbial folio by Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe "who has carved out a niche for himself as an African Proverbialist" (Aguoru, 2012:1) as crumbs of humorous popular wisdom stormed his narrative framework.
Wirkngsgeschichte, explains Nicholls, is a new procedure for studying Biblical texts; it has been translated as the history of influence or the history of effects, and includes commentaries and sermons, letters, sculptures, proverbial sayings, cartoons, hymns, and even jokes and graffiti.
With changes in Japanese lifestyle, young people who do not understand Kabuki's old proverbial sayings and use of language are increasing in number.