proverbial saying

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(2) A proverbial saying meaning, `why enlarge on irrelevant topics?' (3) `She of the noble voice': Calliope is queen of Epic poetry.
They said that though the proverbial saying in Nigeria is that 'a man who lives at the banks of the Niger River cannot wash his hands with spittle,' they have been forced to do so, because they are not seeing the effects of the prospects of the oil discovered in the Region almost a decade ago on the development of their community, as promised them by the late President John Evans Atta Mills in 2009.
Before the start of the race Conquest, with his star bloodline, was considered to be the certainty and generally hoped to have run away with the race but it once again proved the proverbial saying that horse-racing is a sports of great uncertainties.
The proverbial saying is no one loses elections in the Philippines, only cheated.
The proverbial saying of "burning the candle at both ends" is something that will continue to prevail in the work culture.
'The Yoruba have a proverbial saying that a farmer who planted 200 yam sets and is telling people he planted 400, after eating the real 200, would also eat the other 200 in his imagination.
For all practical purposes, most of us today have gone immune to the fact and the proverbial saying that today is the time to act as tomorrow may not come to be yours.
I suppose the proverbial saying of "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" is in order in the eyes of voters.
This is not to scare anyone as there is a proverbial saying amongst motorcyclists, "If you have not fallen, you are going to fall." It is just the nature of the sport/vehicle.
The newspaper wrote in its editorial themed: (Are you not ashamed of yourselves?) written by its editor-in-chief Anwar Abdul-Rahman, who quoted a famous Arabian proverbial saying: (If you are not ashamed, do whatsoever you want to do!), pointing out that this idiomatic saying applies nowadays more than anything to Al-Wefaq Society which issued yesterday a false statement of which it should be ashamed which it sent via e-mail to many persons, including the above-mentioned editor-in-chief.
If you buy that, than as the proverbial saying goes, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
In compliance with the proverbial saying "Justice delayed is justice denied," the office of Banking Mohtasib is determined to resolve complaints against banks within a period of 45 days and that spirit is gauged from the fact that the banks were made to pay over Rs132 million to the complainants against the banks in 2010.