provide an answer

See: respond
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Field has now submitted a written Parliamentary Question asking Stephens to provide an answer. A response is expected next week.
A perusal of the questions asked, replies given and the verbatim discussion in parliament (particularly in Senate) at the time may provide an answer not only to how permission was given to Raheel Sharif to take up foreign job but also to the allotment of 90 acres of prime land to him as post-retirement benefit.
He said further international cooperation should provide an answer to this threat.
The purpose of the examinations is to provide an answer to the court~s question as to the mental state at the time of the alleged offense and/or the question of competence to stand trial.
Sustainable chocolate initiatives aim to support the 5 million small family farmers, and provide an answer to a sea of problems: hotter temperatures, unpredictable rainfall, poverty, slave labor.
If questions regarding compliance, transactions, legislation or any other topic cannot be answered at the time of the call, NSSF will do its best to provide an answer within 24 hours.
Earlier, Iran's chief negotiator Saeed Jalili said that EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who presides over delegations of the six world powers in talks with Iran, is due to provide an answer to Iran's offers later this month.
Would any member of this Government care to provide an answer to this question?
"I believe these new proposals will provide an answer which, if implemented, will provide jobs for increasing numbers of jobseekers."
Specific questions can also be given a negative score if the answers are wrong or if a student doesn't provide an answer. Teachers can also correct and score tests automatically and offer students immediate feedback on their performance via electronic reports.
"When one's imagination cannot provide an answer," Leonardo says, "one must seek out a greater imagination." The wise hologram then suggests that the two retire to the chapel at the Monastery of Santa Croce.
A satellite which it is hoped will provide an answer to the US's GPS navigation system was back under UK control today after a successful launch from Kazakhstan yesterday morning.