provide an opportunity

See: extend, offer
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The visit will provide an opportunity to reinforce the strong relationship between the two leaders and both nations, and for them to engage in discussions on bilateral and global matters.
The exhibition being held under auspices of Directorate of Science and Technology on the directives of special assistant to the chief minister Kamran Bangash will provide an opportunity to male and female students of the tribal districts to present their ideas and scientific schemes.
LAHORE -- Members of Wasaib Aman Kath and YCHR organized activities to provide an opportunity to communities from different backgrounds to get together at one place to know each other.
This will provide an opportunity for companies to showcase and promote their products with all varieties of honey, they added.
This would provide an opportunity to underscore the importance of the 'all weather strategic cooperative partnership' between the two countries.
The participation in CHOGM-2018 would provide an opportunity to highlight the advances made by Pakistan including its transition to a modern and dynamic emerging market, which is an attractive destination for business, investment and trade.
The informal meeting of ministers will provide an opportunity to engage in free and frank discussions with the hope that it will lead to political guidance on some major issues.
rails and thinks the recent share pullbacks provide an opportunity to buy the group.
Embassy of Japan has been holding Japanese film festivals in various cities of Pakistan since many decades to provide an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to learn about various aspects of Japanese traditions, culture, lifestyle and society through films.
The primary focus of the competition is to provide an opportunity to students to put entrepreneurship principles into practice.
Spread across five halls, the event - supported by Birmingham City Council - will provide an opportunity for visitors to talk to and get advice from some of the biggest names in industry as well as colleges and learning providers from across the UK.
Shaikh Khalid said such conferences provide an opportunity to learn about ambassadors' efforts and challenges they face while performing their duties.