provide financing

See: subsidize
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The company invests exclusively in first lien, floating rate loans to provide financing for change of ownership transactions, strategic acquisitions, recapitalizations and growth initiatives in partnership with business owners, management teams and financial sponsors.
The visitors expressed their desire to provide financing solutions for solar energy projects implemented at the institutional level or even individuals wishing to install solar systems on their homes and facilities and provide convenient installment in cooperation with the Sustainable Energy Center of the Electricity and Water Authority.
Washington Trust said it is happy to provide financing on this well-located asset while expanding its relationship with long term client W.H.M.
The Finance Ministry is instructed to provide financing in the amount indicated in the order.
This is not only because Middle Eastern nations are placing fewer orders than before due to low oil prices and political instability, but also because competitor nations have been winning more orders amid a change in the way orders are placed, such as demanding contract winners provide financing for the projects.
A UK government agency, dedicated for export promotion, is looking to provide financing support to the British firms participating in the development of Duqm refinery project in Oman.
He said that it was unfortunate that banks were always reluctant to provide financing to SMEs as their financing continued to show negative growth despite record reduction in policy rates by State Bank of Pakistan.
The IMF's Rapid Credit Facility (RCF) and Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) are available to provide financing to Fund members facing urgent balance of payment needs, including those stemming from natural disasters.
Noor Bank has signed up with Dubai Properties to provide financing for a selection of both completed and off-plan properties, including those at the Mudon, Remraam and The Villa projects.
In a statement, Fakhoury said: "The establishment of the bank aims to provide financing for investment projects in the infrastructure and productive sectors, such as energy, electricity, water, transport and communications in Asia."
(DFC) in Belize to provide financing for priority sectors in that country has been given a boost by a loan of US$10.5 million from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), reports Caribbean News Now (July 22, 2014).
The Bank will also provide financing, mainly through financial intermediaries, to facilitate investments by corporates to enhance their competitiveness.