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A list was also sent from district Rawalpindi and as per this list Punjab government has approved to provide funds of Rs 490 million to schools of all cadres in district Rawalpindi.
This year, ACE selected 236 classrooms across the nation to provide funds for school supplies.
The Irish EBF will again provide funds for a number of EBF races in Great Britain during 2011 which amount to EUR80,000 towards 15 races.
ISLAMABAD, July 07, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Federal Law Minister Babar Awan said that it is a good omen to provide funds for the welfare of the lawyers from Shahbaz Sharif side, now he proved my legality for funding bar associations.
The Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation grant will provide funds to create the "C.
In 1946, Congress enacted the George-Barden Vocational Education Act, which was the first federal legislation to provide funds that could be used to prepare school counselors through college or university programs.
Public lands highways grants provide funds for the construction of highways on public lands such as national parks.
This measure would provide for a bond issue of $350 million to provide funds for the construction and renovation of public library facilities in order to expand access to reading and literacy programs in California's public education system and to expand access to public library services for all residents of California.
To encourage construction of the Santo Domingo-Samana toll road, the government of the Dominican Republic (GDR) entered into a long-term concession with AdN under which the GDR is obligated to provide funds denominated in dollars to AdN if toll revenue falls below a specified level -- the minimum revenue guarantee (MRG).
ISLAMABAD, January 16, 2012 (Frontier Star): Amid tight energy crises in the country and hours long load shedding ministry of finance is still reluctant to provide funds to Pakistan State Oil (PSO) to determine its circular debt.
Talking to reporter, Shujaat asked Punjab government to provide funds for the ongoing development projects in Southern Punjab which were launched by the previous government.
Interstate Maintenance grants provide funds for resurfacing, restoration, rehabilitation and reconstruction work, including added lanes to increase capacity, on most existing Interstate system routes.