provide justification

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in the case of framework agreements, Provide justification for any duration exceeding 8 years
Mr Neil declared: "They refused to provide justification for claiming that the branch no longer has enough customers, or to give us figures; they wouldn't even answer a simple question about how much money it would save.
The ousted PM added that while the judiciary had reviewed the laws made by parliament, it not only provide justification to dictators for violating constitution, but also allowed them to do whatever they wanted to do with the Constitution.
Americans wishing to travel there "must apply for a one-time waiver and provide justification as to why they need to go," Ms Bernier-Toth said.
If Nawaz Sharif was the first, and Jehangir Tareen and Imran Khan the next, to be asked to provide justification for their assets, then other people in the position of power - lawmakers, provincial and federal, bureaucrats, and politicians - must follow
It is widely considered a truism that the only evidence that can provide justification for one's belief that p is evidence in one's possession.
Provide justification for advanced payments based on imagery alone.
In a letter to Akinci, HE-seyin EuzgE-rgE-n proposed the removal of the mufti but did not provide justification for his action.
Need our Marawi brothers and sisters suffer more just to provide justification for President Duterte's executive act?
It will also regulate companies to provide justification for the raise in price, accompanied by reliable official documents, to limit the increasing demands without justification," Omar bin Faisal Al Jahdhami, Vice President of Consumer Services and Market Watch, said.
Banks that intend to close accounts of individuals or organizations considered linked to Hezbollah must provide justification for that decision, and wait for a response from the Central Bank's Special Investigation Committee, which "enjoys independence", he said.
In order to see if this invention was worth it, Astacio got the approval from the MACS-4 commanding officer to bring the invention to Balikatan 2015 to gather data and provide justification for the production of this system.