provide means

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No doubt," replied the conductor; "but the passengers know that they must provide means of transportation for themselves from Kholby to Allahabad.
Can you provide means for taking us to the Copan valley?
QSRSN Executive Director Amir al Mulla said that the course came within the training plans of the foundation, which aims to train persons with disabilities and provide means and possibilities that facilitate their communication with different segments of the society, as well as training community members to be able to communicate effectively with people with disabilities.
provide means of utility and customer access to meter data.
Machnouk said that it was the international community's interest to provide means of stability for the country.
In a speech at the 19th meeting of the GCC environment ministers held in Doha, Sheikh Abdullah said that the meeting's agenda includes the project of the GCC environmental monitoring center and the the green initiative of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which would provide means to tackle climate change.
Provision of employment to every individual was not possible for any government, she said adding that it was the chamber's duty to provide means of livelihood to women in shape of employment through the private sector.
An agreement was recently signed with the Saudi Post and Aramex to provide means to deliver any notifications to the interested parties.
Assistant Under-Secretary for Municipal Services Mohammed Noor said that the 48-square-metre park includes a number of recreational and service facilities aiming to provide means of comfort for the Riffa residents.
Harper said in a press release yesterday, "this military assistance aims to provide means to more effective action of the security forces to counter the threat of the Islamic State (IS).
However, if these batteries are manufactured in Pakistan, it will not only reduce the price by 50 per cent but also provide means of earning to the unemployed, he added.
And the Russians have proposed to provide means of transport for the French, so it's fairly diverse," he said.