provide money for

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He is alleged to have "entered into an arrangement" to provide money for terrorism activities between January 2003 and December 2010.
Summary: Liverpool chairman Tom Werner says they are prepared to provide money for big-name signings if it benefits the team's long-term future.
At the request of tree groups affected by Hurricane Katrina, AMERICAN FORESTS has launched a Katrina ReLeaf Fund to provide money for local communities to restore their tree canopy when conditions permit.
They provide money for Gordon Brown's large pocket.
The editor of the book says that it was written in part to provide money for Lee, who had no ready means of support after his repatriation.
Like the Supreme Court in Zelman, the Ohio and Wisconsin courts reasoned that voucher programs do not provide money for the benefit of religious schools but rather for the benefit of students and their parents, who may independently choose to use the voucher at a religious school.
Somehow she has convinced her investors to provide money for a cosmetic retouching of her 40-year-old facility.
In the acquisition area, the credit companies can provide money for borrowers to purchase properties that are being offered by other lending institutions.