provide the means

See: implement
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Apparently, even though TEDS devices provide the means to have faster setups and provide better accuracy, the ROI of replacing all of the existing sensors with new ones doesn't make economic sense.
The new wireless networking products advance the company's plan to launch 50 new Gateway-branded products in 15 categories this year and at the same time provide the means to linking many of the company's new digital devices.
Steve Adubato and Democracy Works provide the means to be the public's advocate.
This Network will provide the means to accelerate the diffusion and application of cross-disciplinary research outcomes.
The demand for services and content is there: it is up to handset vendors and wireless service providers to provide the means.
Through research funded by the US Government, Cybernet Medical developed and patented medical devices and web-based electronic patient record system that remotely collect data and provide the means for more efficiently managing of chronically ill patients.
Our systems provide the means for citizens to participate in decisions that affect their communities, while enabling diverse groups to work together to achieve a common goal," stated Kim Patrick Kobza, Neighborhood America's President and CEO.
VIPP is a family of software components that provide the means to create, print and distribute complex, personalized documents at production speeds.
ACE will provide the means for companies to determine how to get from where they are now to where they need to be to take full advantage of convergence, regardless of which network equipment suppliers they choose," said Aziz Khadbai, general manager, Local Premise Solutions.
While many of today's security assessment solutions enable IT managers to find the patches they need, they don't provide the means to automate their deployment.
Among other things, these services provide the means to accomplish the entrepreneur's vision.
They had to provide the means for any intelligent control or monitoring themselves," reports Navrit Singh, CTO at Lambda.