provide the wherewithal

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It is Karachi that can provide the wherewithal for enterprises in Sindh, whether financial, technological, or logistical.
It would provide the wherewithal to build sorely needed social housing and kick-start the construction industry.
If the state does not adequately provide the wherewithal for counties to "harvest" that revenue, our elected county officials - the assessor and the county commissioners - ought to be proactive in getting the state to give them the appropriate tools.
Throughout the West Midlands, stretching into North Staf-f fordshire, corporate organisations are gearing up by using equity in their bricks and mortar, not as a result of difficult economic conditions, but to provide the wherewithal to invest in their businesses.
He's done his bit, it's now over to Jez Moxey and owner Steve Morgan to provide the wherewithal for him to build a team that can stay in the Premier League.
She told selectmen they are the caretakers and custodians of all town property and as such "You need to provide the wherewithal for town officers to do their jobs.
We are very fortunate to have the support of a wide variety of sponsors and other individuals who continue to believe in our cause and provide the wherewithal that enables us to provide these free camps for our communities, said Camp Director, Dr.
Let's hope Joanie's advance for the one-off Dynasty update will provide the wherewithal for a new style.
We have done so in order that his popularity can provide the wherewithal to produce funds for charity.
As with the cost of warfare, we, the subjects of our pleasant land will be mugged again to provide the wherewithal.
This course would boost saving, raise the productive capital stock, and thus help provide the wherewithal to meet our future obligations.