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These data, together with information on expenditures related to pregnancy and family planning from the First Steps database, provided striking evidence of the economic impact of unintended pregnancy.
Primary care could be provided in Humansville through an outreach clinic manned primarily by physician assistants; secondary care could be at Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar; tertiary care could be in the Cox and St.
Our alignment with Nelnet has provided us with access to additional resources, personnel and capital in order to better serve our valued customers.
Generally, the fair market value (FMV) of a taxable fringe benefit provided to an employee is subject to employment taxes and must be reported on Form W-2.
(3) That article provided an overview of the recently promulgated regulations governing written tax advice, the background relating to the Treasury's regulation of tax shelter opinions, and commentary on the application of the new rules in current practice.
Stipends and tuition for trainees, with certain exceptions for named new investigators and newly recruited investigators as described below, are not provided by the EHS Core Center grant.
Libraries in India have struggled with many problems, but recent government support for research has provided an opportunity for the development of library services and increased access to information.
It not only enables use to provide a service, but to meet the needs of the residents and to provide the owners [of the complex] with a tool than enables them to quantify how services are provided. It also makes the whole operation much more transparent."
Beginning with the standard coverage, consider that 20 years ago, when Insurance Services Office introduced additional insured endorsement CG2010 1185, coverage was provided for entities scheduled on the endorsement in connection with a specific project.
Clearly if this additional function can be provided for a nominal silicon cost then this would suit smaller Remote I/O configurations and would allow ASI to tunnel traffic from these boxes into a larger fabric, possibly providing a best of both worlds solution.
The range capability and image clarity provided by LRAS3 are credited with preventing several fratricides in Iraq because operators could distinguish between enemy and friendly vehicles beyond the ranges of other conventional systems.
If a plan of involuntary termination requires that employees render future service in order to receive benefits, the employer should recognize a liability and expense for the portion of involuntary termination benefits that will be provided after completion of future service ratably over the employees' future service period, beginning when the plan otherwise meets the recognition criteria discussed above.