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Separate tables, such as Table C, are to be provided for each facility core.
If the educational assistance is provided for courses that are not job related (i.e., does not qualify as a WCFB), the proper treatment depends on whether the educational assistance is provided as a cash payment or in-kind.
The regular education teacher of a student with a disability, as a member of the IEP team, must, to the extent appropriate, participate in the development, review, and revision of the child's IEP, including assisting in the determination of supplementary aids and services, program modifications, or supports for school personnel that will be provided for the child (Assistance to states for the education of children with disabilities program and preschool grants, Section 300.346(d)).
* Section 1403 directs a government-wide rescission [reduction] of .22 percent of the discretionary budget authority provided for FY2001 in this or any other act for each department, agency, instrumentality, or entity of the Federal Government, except for programs, projects, and activities specifically exempted.
(57) Special rules are provided for section 467 rental agreements with variable interest; those rules are beyond the scope of this article.
RMS files are used, and common data-dictionary formats are provided for ease of use with all report writers.
The Act requires that paratransit services be provided for areas and hours of operation comparable to those served by the fixed-route system.
1.119-1(a)(2)(ii)(a)-(f), meals are provided for a substantial noncompensatory business reason when furnished:
As a result of Jordan's efforts in the Mideast peace process, supplemental funds were provided for its modernization efforts to procure HMMWVs, TOW IIA missiles, additional spare and repair parts, as well as repair and refurbishment of AH-l Cobra helicopters and components.
Meals provided on the employer's premises that the employee consumes during the period he or she works overtime or meal money provided for meals consumed during overtime satisfy this condition [Treasury regulations section 1.132-6(d)(2)].
The disclosures provided for by the interagency statement must, at the very minimum, indicate that the product is not insured by the FDIC, is not a deposit or other obligation of, or guranteed by, the selling depository institution, and is subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.