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The court emphasized that meals are not provided for the convenience of the employer unless the short meal period is due to the distinct business nature of the employer.
71-411 that meals served at an employee's desk so that he may respond to urgent business is provided for the convenience of the employer.
In the case of travel in non-commercial aircraft that is provided for security reasons, both private-sector and government employees must include in income a special safe harbor value for a personal flight (referred to as the "200 percent of SIFL rate").
The new final regulations do clarify, however, that government employees must include the same amount in income as do private-sector employees for any personal flights on non-commercial aircraft provided for security reasons.
The Act requires that paratransit services be provided for areas and hours of operation comparable to those served by the fixed-route system.
For commuter rail operations, the law requires that all new rail cars be wheelchair accessible, but provides that wheelchair accessible restrooms are not required unless restrooms are provided for other passengers.
1191(a) (2) says whether meals are provided for the convenience of the employer is determined by the IRS on the basis of all the facts and circumstances.
Not more than 5% of the amounts paid or incurred may be provided for individuals who are shareholders or owners of more than 5% of the stock of the employer.