provided without charge

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Each of the NTN "secure" services were developed to enhance the company's family of leading online screening reports and are provided without charge to subscribers.
For entrepreneurs that have not been investment-ready, the online matching platform has connected them to successful angel investors that have provided them with vital advice on where their business needs to be positioned to attract investment and profitability and this advice has been provided without charge.
Accounts and access for musicians, venues and fans are currently provided without charge.
No patients returned to the clinic after receiving chloroquine, even though they were encouraged to do so if fever persisted; all medical services were provided without charge.
Clr Khan said: "I was very concerned that Kirklees residents were being misled and being asked to pay for a service that can be provided without charge.
Copies of the Company's complete annual report will be provided without charge upon written request to Aluminum Corporation of China Limited at No.
This service is provided without charge by the Yemeni government (although we suggest you buy the guards food during the day).
The Center's e-newsletter is provided without charge.
The government explains that low-cost supplies used solely to collect specimens for the laboratory may be provided without charge to a physician, however, higher-cost items used by the physician to perform the underlying surgical procedure, such as biopsy needles and snares, could violate the law.
For Chase Clark, it's physical therapy, which a local hospital provided without charge.
He added the racecourse executive was not profiteering, and all facilities were being provided without charge.