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You've turned up, plain, plumb providential for all concerned.
The red cow didn't die by chance; and your rheumatism can hardly be reckoned among providential visitations!'
His misses at so short a distance were practically non-existent, nor would he have missed this time but for an accident occurring at the very instant that his finger tightened upon the trigger--an accident to which Meriem owed her life--the providential presence of a water-logged tree trunk, one end of which was embedded in the mud of the river bottom and the other end of which floated just beneath the surface where the prow of Malbihn's canoe ran upon it as he fired.
"Certainly," said I, carried away by the Captain's reasoning; "if the surface of the sea is solidified by the ice, the lower depths are free by the Providential law which has placed the maximum of density of the waters of the ocean one degree higher than freezing-point; and, if I am not mistaken, the portion of this iceberg which is above the water is as one to four to that which is below."
I suppose it will be sent up and filed away among the criminal archives of Rome, and will always be regarded as a mysterious infernal machine which would have blown up like a mine and scattered the good Pope all around, but for a miraculous providential interference.
When he heard the sound of our guns, he recognized an unhoped-for assistance, a providential interposition.
To be accepted by you as your husband and the earthly guardian of your welfare, I should regard as the highest of providential gifts.
Young, in a message read by UCC marketing manager Tet Bachmann, said 'it is providential that UCC is now in Bacolod to bring to the City of Smiles our world-renowned good coffee smile.'
Durham Crossover Canada squeaked past First City Providential College of Bulacan, 85-82, behind Denzel Faraon's 24 points and 10 rebounds.
Summary: Performance analyst recounts Christchurch carnage and team's providential escape
Below are some of my 'providential' reflections at the time:
The ideology of providential expansion did gain currency in the 1880s, but there is reason to reconsider its alleged pervasiveness.