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This providential relief gave them strength to pursue their journey, but they were frequently reduced to almost equal straits, and it was only the smallness of their party, requiring a small supply of provisions, that enabled them to get through this desolate region with their lives.
It's quite providential, first an' last, fer all concerned.
This, from him, so unexpectedly apposite, had the effect upon her of a Providential interposition.
I suppose it will be sent up and filed away among the criminal archives of Rome, and will always be regarded as a mysterious infernal machine which would have blown up like a mine and scattered the good Pope all around, but for a miraculous providential interference.
When he heard the sound of our guns, he recognized an unhoped-for assistance, a providential interposition.
I say that there was in that likeness a providential instruction which the king ought to have heeded; I say that your mother committed a crime in rendering those different in happiness and fortune whom nature created so startlingly alike, of her own flesh, and I conclude that the object of punishment should be only to restore the equilibrium.
What a providential thing that this young man should press his right thumb against the wall in taking his hat from the peg.
Naturally he can't see you now, but he thinks your coming's providential.
To be accepted by you as your husband and the earthly guardian of your welfare, I should regard as the highest of providential gifts.
The bird that would have devoured him, and the providential rain, had saved him at the very moment that death seemed inevitable.
She thought it marvelous that we should have been spared in so providential a manner, and I had a pretty speech upon my tongue's end, but lacked the nerve to deliver it.
What has our providential rescue to do with altering your feelings toward me?