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Again providentially, we had Ken's expertise with AAPG publications and oil-industry contacts, which enabled him to invite contributions to this important public education effort.
The newspaper reported that "most providentially, those of the workmen who were under the principal at the moment of the hook giving way had sufficient time to enable them to avoid the impending danger".
We can't even innocently continue to believe that everything will be alright, magically or providentially.
It has been observed that complex socioeconomic and security crises seem to providentially uplift certain gifted leaders who can shepherd the nation back to the desired pathway.
Providentially, at this time of glory for the Blaugrana team, a Catalan by the name of Frederic Abello has organized the FC Barcelona Official Fan Club, which was launched during the Champions League finals at the Handle Sports Bar.
Luckily Scott's twin sister arranged for her to leave the institution that had been her home for 35 years; providentially the staff of the Creative Growth Art Center fashioned an environment in which Scott could find her originality.
But providentially, just six short months after returning to Chicago, I crossed the Pacific once again landing in Tokyo to begin work as the Far East Correspondent for the Army-Navy-Air Force Times publications.
The past religious history of a continent over millennia surely holds not only religious truths but also human realities touched by grace that providentially direct the history of faith and worship for so many.
Providentially, the family, now including two sons, Walfried in addition to Harold, was able leave Moscow in September 1928.
Throughout American history presidents have often used religious rhetoric for various reasons: to provide comfort and consolation, argue that God providentially directs our nation, celebrate our Christian heritage, defend democracy, hold citizens and the country accountable to transcendent standards, help accomplish their own political aims, justify America's actions, foster traditional morality and justice, promote prayer and Bible reading, call for national and individual repentance, unite Americans, and satisfy citizens' expectations.
One of the primary objections to simple foreknowledge, which rejects the counterfactuals on which Molinism relies, is that it is not providentially useful.
He arrived home and providentially his eldest daughter Emily arrived about the same time.