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Providentially, the joint project also falls during the United Nations' 2015 International Year of Light, a worldwide effort to raise awareness about how light and its application in the environment promotes sustainable development and provides solutions to global challenges.
Suddenly, serendipitously, and providentially, a phone call came from Presbyterian-affiliated Austin College in Sherman, Texas.
Luckily Scott's twin sister arranged for her to leave the institution that had been her home for 35 years; providentially the staff of the Creative Growth Art Center fashioned an environment in which Scott could find her originality.
And thus they agreed that, though some have providentially five or three or only one talent, every man should be encouraged to become as independent as he can be.
So, we have this new, wonderfully readable document, TCTCV, the fruit of three decades of bilateral and multilateral labor, providentially arriving at the same time as an open-hearted and world-engaging bishop occupies the See of Rome.
Seyyid Hossein Nasr (39) claims that, while other Christian doctrines that have been an issue between Christians and Muslims, such as the Trinity or the divine nature of Christ, may be understood metaphysically in such a way as to harmonize the Muslim and Christian perspectives, the crucifixion of Jesus is "the one irreducible 'fact' separating Christianity and Islam, a fact which is in reality placed there providentially to prevent a mingling of the two religions.
Three influential peace advocates, Merton, Nhat Hanh and Martin Luther King Jr, providentially crossed paths in 1966, providing each other needed encouragement and propelling each of them forward.
Somehow the city has providentially escaped any major devastation at the hands of nature all these years, even though neighbouring Kakinada in East Godavari district and Srikakulam towards north were hit many times in the past - the latest being Phailin which crossed the coast between Srikakulam and Odisha last year causing extensive damage.
The past religious history of a continent over millennia surely holds not only religious truths but also human realities touched by grace that providentially direct the history of faith and worship for so many.
Throughout American history presidents have often used religious rhetoric for various reasons: to provide comfort and consolation, argue that God providentially directs our nation, celebrate our Christian heritage, defend democracy, hold citizens and the country accountable to transcendent standards, help accomplish their own political aims, justify America's actions, foster traditional morality and justice, promote prayer and Bible reading, call for national and individual repentance, unite Americans, and satisfy citizens' expectations.
One of the primary objections to simple foreknowledge, which rejects the counterfactuals on which Molinism relies, is that it is not providentially useful.
other substances may fittingly be providentially cared for by God for the sake of intellectual substances.