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For example, if CPAs provides investment advisory services beyond an "incidental basis" or promote themselves as providing PFP services, they may need to register with the state or SEC as a registered investment adviser.
In recent months, a key initiative in the evolution of ACSA is the development of a Web-enabled ACSA automation system that should provide at least a partial solution to many of the above problems by standardizing cross-command transactions, enabling centralized transaction and tracking, and providing a consistent methodology for processing RIK and EVE transactions.
We are excited that the Charitable Service Trust is providing outstanding support to programs helping our nation's veterans," said Trust Chairman Richard E.
In 2004, we, along with the rest of our executive board, will focus on providing this value primarily through our Divisions.
Of the participants who reported coworkers as a source of support, 20% (n =6) credited them with providing skill development, 33.
However, this task can be accomplished by providing adaptations, accommodations, and program modifications to the general education curriculum, along with supports to the general education teacher, to assist the student in acquiring mastery of required content.
The proposal further prohibited audit firms from providing audit clients with specific services.
That functional training expert is also responsible for providing a significant amount of customer support to our international training management community.
D) Becomes your client for the purpose of your providing credit counseling or tax preparation services.
Because the Internet allowed the CAU to fix many of the methodological problems of providing information, the next step in the analysis process was to determine who wanted information and what type of information would help them.
The User's Network, or Usenet, allows users with similar interests or needs to share information, providing timely and accurate answers to any question dealing with that specific topic.
Recently, new statewide efforts have been undertaken, often with the expressed purpose of providing an electronic or virtual library, a core of electronic resources, as the focus.