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It has been demonstrated through years of research that specialized clinical training with minority clients is necessary for the development of culturally-sensitive therapists who are competent in providing services and effective treatment to diverse populations (O'Sullivan & Lasso, 1992; Acosta, 1982).
* Beginning not later than 1 January 2001, this Section requires the Secretary of State to provide quarterly reports to the Committees on Appropriations providing information on the use of this supplemental funding.
(ii) Providing notice not later than when you establish a customer relationship would substantially delay the customer's transaction and the customer agrees to receive the notice at a later time.
Because the Internet allowed the CAU to fix many of the methodological problems of providing information, the next step in the analysis process was to determine who wanted information and what type of information would help them.
Providing And Fixing Of Dish Landing Table With Garbage Chute Garbage Table, Providing And Fixing Of Three Sink Unit , Providing And Fixing Of Clean Dish Table, Providing And Fixing Of Clean Dish Rack ( 5 Tier ), Providing And Fixing Of Wall, Three Burner Indian Cooking Range, Providing And Fixing Of Central Work Table, Providing And Fixing Of Chapat1 Rolling Table, Providing And Fixing Of Chapati Plate With Puffer All, Providing And Fixing Of Chapati Collection Table, Providing And Fixing Of Choping Table-All, Providing And Fixing Of Hot Bain Maire.
At the same time, DOH and DSHS began informing their programs and providing technical assistance to staff who would be offering emergency contraception services.
Edamerica creates access to higher education by providing extraordinary education loan products to students, parents and schools.
Donee organizations selling vehicles at auction and providing written acknowledgments to donors indicating anything other than the gross proceeds from the sale may be subject to penalties under Secs.
Consultant providing a total solution at all stages of their projects from initial conception of product design to prototyping, tooling, and mass production in the fields of plastics injection molding, metal injection molding (MIM), powder metallurgy (PM) and aluminum die casting.
Clearly, a case can be made for taking a fresh look at the basic structure of Circular 230 and the effect of the regulations, which undeniably adds another unnecessary layer of complexity to the task of providing written tax advice.
The emphasis should be on fostering scientific excellence by providing resources unlikely to be attained by individual investigators, promoting collaborations among basic biomedical and clinical researchers, reaching out to innovative investigators in complementary fields, and facilitating cutting-edge research that addresses public health issues in a timely manner.
With the welcome development of e-journal content, libraries all over the world are forming consortia of all types and at all levels to take advantage of current global networks to promote better, faster, and more cost-effective ways of providing electronic information resources to information seekers.