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But was it necessary to give an INDEFINITE POWER of raising TROOPS, as well as providing fleets; and of maintaining both in PEACE, as well as in WAR?
But what would have been thought of that assembly, if, attaching themselves to these general expressions, and disregarding the specifications which ascertain and limit their import, they had exercised an unlimited power of providing for the common defense and general welfare?
CAPTAIN BONNEVILLE now found himself at the head of a hardy, well-seasoned and well-appointed company of trappers, all benefited by at least one year's experience among the mountains, and capable of protecting themselves from Indian wiles and stratagems, and of providing for their subsistence wherever game was to be found.
My dear Sir Thomas, I perfectly comprehend you, and do justice to the generosity and delicacy of your notions, which indeed are quite of a piece with your general conduct; and I entirely agree with you in the main as to the propriety of doing everything one could by way of providing for a child one had in a manner taken into one's own hands; and I am sure I should be the last person in the world to withhold my mite upon such an occasion.
Without asking as to whether I had any money, the man at the desk firmly refused to even consider the matter of providing me with food or lodging.
If I had been compelled to pay the seventy dollars for tuition, in addition to providing for my board, I would have been compelled to leave the Hampton school.
I hope that the list of available inexpensive editions of the chief authors may suggest a practical method of providing the material, especially for colleges which can provide enough copies for class use.
Living up to his income; having no expectations from any living creature; possessing in landed property only some thirty or forty acres in Somersetshire, with a quaint little dwelling, half farm house, half-cottage, attached-- he was incapable of providing the needful security from his own personal resources.
In their broadest form, SERPs simply are nonqualified deferred compensation plans providing retirement benefits.
It is also important that, at the scene of an incident, first responders have simultaneous access to the Internet to share real-time information with off-site commanders and specialists providing expert assistance.
The advantage for the employer is that by providing fringe benefits that are not included in an employee's gross income, the employer is relieved of paying the matching FICA contribution.
GMS' mortgage fulfillment services simplify business by immediately providing efficiencies that increase total closing capacity, provide 100% pipeline management visibility and eliminates errors.

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