providing evidence

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Contractors must be able to provide evidence that they are CHAS approved and their Engineers are qualified Fire Alarm System Engineers, as well as, providing evidence that they are a Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB) compliant Company, any other associated relevant qualifications and accreditations to be able to carry out the required service.
Islamabad, Mar 19 ( ANI ): The Memo Gate Commission has asked Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Yasin Malik to prove Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz's allegations against him as wrong by providing evidence of his claims first before deciding whether or not to allow him to assist the commission in dealing with the matter.
NELSON PIQUET JR has been granted immunity from prosecution by FIA after providing evidence in the "crash-gate" scandal.
The decision was made after race stewards decided that the reigning world champion had deliberately misled them when providing evidence about an incident that saw him passed by Jarno Trulli during a safety car period.
When our students reach the end of the semester they complete a final self-assessment that includes assigning themselves a grade for the course and supporting that letter grade by providing evidence of learning.
In common with results from other studies of Gulf War veterans, those who stated that they had Gulf War syndrome reported the same types of symptoms as all Gulf War veterans, but reported them at higher frequencies, providing evidence against a unique syndrome."
Not all readers of EHP will appreciate the difference between documenting exposure levels and providing evidence for health effects, and not every reader will have followed the ongoing international controversy over the health effects of methyl mercury for fish consumers.
Where NZNO members who are assessors on an NZNO bargaining team are required to take leave without pay from their paid employment, NZNO shall reimburse the member for the loss of income, subject to the member providing evidence of their loss.
With numerous individual trials and some community regulations providing evidence, Tlusty argues that "the tavern supported the city council's interests in preventing the organization of powerful guilds and controlling itinerant craftsmen." [p 170] In addition, she contends that most council ordinances regarding tavern-keeping and drinking frequently had a fiscal component at the center rather than a moral one.
School counselors provide many different interventions throughout a school day, but are not maintaining adequate records providing evidence of their impact with students (Borders, 2002; Kuranz, 2002; Whiston, 2002).
Company practices in eight industries were studied with the goal of helping to improve business reporting by providing evidence that many leading companies are making extensive voluntary disclosures.
The study supports the hypothesis that exports lead to higher output growth, providing evidence in favor of export promotion.