providing proof

See: probative
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Naeem Bokhari said in response that the documents providing proof of that would be submitted in court as soon as they were obtained from Jemima.
The system also stores data during runs, providing proof of sample and process integrity.
Proof of insurance in an electronic format can now be used for motorists acquiring registrations in DMV Offices, providing proof of insurance coverage during a traffic stop, and providing proof of insurance coverage to a judge, justice, or magistrate in response to a summons.
Applying PbS and PbSe detector technologies, the kit allows engineers to focus on the challenges of their instrument's design, quickly validating detector viability and providing proof of concept.
London, June 28 ( ANI ): Michael Jackson's son Prince has revealed that his sister Paris suffered the most out of all the siblings, after providing proof in their father's wrongful death trial.
The Tomb Raider heroine's latest adventure Underworld, along with family games like Nintendo's Wii Music are selling fast and providing proof that Christmas has not been cancelled.
The bill amends [section]324.021, to provide for an exemption, for United States Armed Forces members and their dependent spouses, from providing proof of financial responsibility relating to ownership or operation of a motor vehicle.
Using digital photos of material, in addition to providing proof of weight, goes a long way toward smoothing relations between scrap recyclers and their generators, especially if there's a question, according to Mark Weis of Wimco Metals in Pittsburgh, which uses software from RECY America Inc., Collegeville, Pa.
Generally, employers can satisfy this bill's requirements by providing proof of coverage for eligible employees in a Medicare insurance program; an employer-provided group health insurance policy that covers hospital, surgical and medical expenses; a union's health and welfare fund; any other collective bargaining agreement that provides for health and welfare coverage; or any employer-sponsored, group health plan covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).
In her opinion, making the parallel importer responsible for providing proof by documents unavailable to him (even though the proof can be provided by other administrative or legal ways) is not justified.
He explained that computer checks will be carried out on people who claim free prescriptions without providing proof.
The trustee cannot use the actual debt method of accounting for bad debts without providing proof of worthlessness.