providing proof

See: probative
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Proof of insurance in an electronic format can now be used for motorists acquiring registrations in DMV Offices, providing proof of insurance coverage during a traffic stop, and providing proof of insurance coverage to a judge, justice, or magistrate in response to a summons.
Visitors from Canada are allowed in the country by providing proof of citizenship, while those from Mexico need a visa if they come to the country for more than three days and travel beyond 25 miles of the border.
Generally, employers can satisfy this bill's requirements by providing proof of coverage for eligible employees in a Medicare insurance program; an employer-provided group health insurance policy that covers hospital, surgical and medical expenses; a union's health and welfare fund; any other collective bargaining agreement that provides for health and welfare coverage; or any employer-sponsored, group health plan covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).
The trustee cannot use the actual debt method of accounting for bad debts without providing proof of worthlessness.