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The district into which a country has been divided; as, the province of Ontario in Canada. More loosely, a sphere of activity or a profession such as medicine or law.


noun appointment, area, assigned task, assignment, business, canton, capacity, charge, circuit, colony, compass, county, demesne, department, district, division, domain, dominion, duty, field, function, job, occupation, office, orbit, part, precinct, provincia, realm, region, scope, section, specialty, sphere, territory, tract
See also: ambit, bailiwick, capacity, circuit, coverage, department, district, division, domain, jurisdiction, locality, occupation, part, pursuit, purview, realm, region, role, scope, section, sphere, territory, vicinity

PROVINCE. Sometimes this signifies the district into which a country has been divided; as, the province of Canterbury, in England the province of Languedoc, in France. Sometimes it means a dependency or colony; as, the province of New Brunswick. It is sometimes used figuratively, to signify power or authority; as, it is the province of the court to judge of the law, that of the jury to decide on the facts.

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It was afterwards affirmed that Sir William Howe had repeated that selfsame gesture of rage and sorrow, when, for the last time, and as the last royal governor, he passed through the portal of the Province House.
The empire of Britain in this ancient province is at its last gasp to-night;--almost while I speak it is a dead corpse;--and methinks the shadows of the old governors are fit mourners at its funeral
With these words Colonel Joliffe threw on his cloak, and drawing his granddaughter's arm within his own, retired from the last festival that a British ruler ever held in the old province of Massachusetts Bay.
In spite of her income of eighteen thousand francs from landed property, a very considerable fortune in the provinces, she lived on a footing with families who were less rich.
Sher Dhana Rai and Shankar Pokharel of the UML were elected chief ministers of Province No.
It was composed of the provinces of East Bengal, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly North-Western Frontier Province - NWFP) and a number of princely states.
Chinese companies have voiced their willingness to invest in Iran's infrastructural projects in Qom province," Head of Qom Province Chamber of Commerce Abolfazl Khaki said today.
Sometime in 2017, she said, that new province is to merge again with the order's Wisconsin province, creating the Midwest province.
The new province, which is named as Bahawalpur province, will be composed of 3 divisions including Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan and Bahawalpur.
In terms of industrial financing the province has the first position in the Kingdom while in terms of the number of factories the province comes third after Makkah and Riyadh provinces," the study, which is based on data available for 2009, said on Thursday.
The Bank said that the Central province provided the third highest contribution maintaining its relative position compared to 2009 and managing to increase its GDP contribution to 10.
8 percent) and southwestern province of Burdur (59.