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2011) argued for strong provinciality in the moist equatorial Pangaean region; there, traversodontid cynodonts are abundant, whereas remains of these therapsids are rare or absent and procolophonid reptiles are abundant in the Northern Hemisphere subtropics (as, for example, in the Evangeline Member of the Wolfville Formation).
Rosie's provinciality is a far more benign version of the Shire's negative traits.
In the guise of condescendingly ridiculing the provinciality of suburban Londoners who cannot imagine the worldly schemes of their betters, the doorman for the bourse gently chides town planners for ignoring more pressing needs, including "an Arsenall for decayed Citizens" and "a store howse for westminster, of Corne here aboue, and wood and Seacole belowe; to praeoccupy the nexte greate froste.
He rebelled against suburban Oak Park and the Congregational church, against provinciality, respectability, conformity, sobriety, monogamy and fidelity--though he could not escape a guilty conscience.
106) Not unlike the arguments explored above about the provinciality of the category "religion," Pieris has noted its limited utility in the Asian context: "None of the Asian soteriologies, not excluding the biblical ones, has offered us a comprehensive word for, or a clear concept of, religion in the current Western sense.
Local living can contract its way toward narcissism, or at least provinciality.
Region assumes provinciality when lacking infrastructure (particularly within the art context) such as galleries, critics, dealers, and collectors.
It is also a local context profoundly conducive to the notion that disorientation and estrangement can be consubstantial with rootedness or provinciality, and an excellent example of why the 'national' pasts of decolonization cannot be reduced to a known ground, or historical 'background', that in turn becomes the opposite of a 'universal' reality.
But Brooklyn was never the world, except perhaps for those children who never left their neighborhood, so that to long for that time is to wish to stay arrested in a kingdom of egg creams and stickball, or at the very least, provinciality.
As has been the case for many African-American artists, the painter's trips abroad, particularly to Egypt in the mid-'60s, were quite formative for his mature style: They gave him an optic through which to perceive both the provinciality of American culture and the erasure of blackness from Western artistic practice.
But there is plenty of ridicule--of celebrities, swingers, Hasidim, Palestinians, not to mention the judgmental provinciality of a TV talk-show audience that is mostly African American.
they have sloughed off at long last that inbred provinciality and proud disdain for the art of poetry that has crippled the work of so many Canadian poets in earlier generations, although, thank God, not all of them.