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The name furthermore literally represents the provinciality of the fishermen.
Rosie's provinciality is a far more benign version of the Shire's negative traits.
Dominick LaCapra points out Flaubert's irony in combining Emma's "perennial sense of bourgeois propriety" with her "willingness to be taken in" by Leon's "appeal to her provinciality.
8) The opposing force for Peralta was the intellectual provinciality he encountered in Lima's best social and political circles; for Feijoo it was the rigidity of scholasticism and his struggle to bring the Enlightenment to Spain.
As has been the case for many African-American artists, the painter's trips abroad, particularly to Egypt in the mid-'60s, were quite formative for his mature style: They gave him an optic through which to perceive both the provinciality of American culture and the erasure of blackness from Western artistic practice.
worldview, one that refuses the constraints of provinciality while
But there is plenty of ridicule--of celebrities, swingers, Hasidim, Palestinians, not to mention the judgmental provinciality of a TV talk-show audience that is mostly African American.
they have sloughed off at long last that inbred provinciality and proud disdain for the art of poetry that has crippled the work of so many Canadian poets in earlier generations, although, thank God, not all of them.
An allusion to a Gogol's character Dama priyatnaia vo vseh otnosheniyah 'Lady who is pleasing in all respects' from Dead souls re-emphases Timoshenko's carnality and provinciality.