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On the one hand, provincially significant wetlands are protected against urban development through the Planning Act R.
It added that, "there is not unqualified freedom on the part of any bishop or diocese to authorize liturgical texts if they are likely to be inconsistent with the norms of liturgical and doctrinal usage extant in the province's Book of Common Prayer or other provincially authorized texts.
after years of agitating, advocating, writing and arm-twisting, there wasn't even a hint of any possibility of change either provincially or federally and that is why we are in court today.
Vincor, unlike the majority of Canadian wineries, is able to sell its products in retail outlets outside the provincially regulated shops run under the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) because of a stipulation in the U.
Though marriage falls under federal jurisdiction, marriage licenses must be administered provincially.
Housing Corporation was ordered to pay $100 to each of a group of protestors in November after they occupied a provincially owned building and were charged with contempt of court.
Since real estate is provincially mandated in Canada, licenses to practice are obtained from a provincial real estate association.
The recognition that the Napi Youth Council has received provincially has not been lost on Crow Shoe.
This was soon followed by the Medical Care Act of 1968, which enshrined a federally mandated, provincially administered medical insurance program ("medicare"), with costs to be shared between the federal and the individual provincial governments.
School boards can decide to install this provincially licensed product or to use any other product that meets their needs.
Metrolinx is very much concerned regarding the delays in the production of 182 light rail vehicles, which the agency had ordered earlier in 2010 to serve provincially funded light raillines.
PESHAWAR -- Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak on Wednesday said that he would formally request the federation not to extend Custom Act 1969 to Provincially Administrated Tribal Areas (PATA).