provision of the law

See: statute
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The court rejected, among others, a provision of the law that seeks to provide minors access to contraceptives without parental consent and another provision that punishes any health care provider that fails or refuses to promote RH programs.
Under the "sneak and peek" provision of the law, federal agents conducting a criminal investigation can come into your home when you're not there and look around without telling you.
While the 6th Circuit struck down the provision of the law protecting prisoners, the decision does not affect a separate provision granting religious groups greater protections in state and local zoning disputes.
The decision Friday suspends for another six months the provision of the law that would allow United States citizens or corporations to sue any foreign company using confiscated American property in Cuba.
7, which found a key provision of the law unconstitutional.
That provision of the law has severely squeezed our adoption space at the shelter because we have to devote more holding space to unadoptable owner-surrendered animals.
Local law-enforcement agencies have objected to this provision of the law, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, asserting that it turns local sheriffs into federal functionaries who are required to do the federal government's work.
We're hopeful the high court will adopt the sound reasoning of the court below and uphold the decision that this provision of the law is unconstitutional.
Should those controls not be implemented and should EPA fail to enforce or implement those controls, it is reasonable to expect that the citizen suit provision of the law will be exercised.
The leased access provision of the law was intended to increase the types of programming and information sources available to the public, and providing leased access to ISPs will do just that.