provisional settlement

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Although the provisional settlement is not as bad as I feared, it does not reflect that the force is now spending almost PS30m per year less than if these cuts had not been imposed.
Coun Webber said: "Following the better-thanexpected provisional settlement from Welsh Government, the initial budget gap we faced for 2017/18 has reduced from over PS21m to just under PS14m.
Mr Drakeford said: "The aim of this provisional settlement is to give local authorities the stability to manage the difficult decisions that lie ahead.
Today's settlement means every council will have, for the financial year ahead, at least the resources allocated by the provisional settlement.
Thompsons was successful in securing a provisional settlement for Mr Hepple which will still allow him to make a further claim for compensation if his condition worsens in the future or he develops a more serious form of asbestos-related disease.
The Welsh Government has indicated a provisional settlement of pounds 92.
23 March 2011 -- US Internet giant Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) suffered a bitter blow yesterday, after the Federal court in Manhattan turned down a provisional settlement of the online group with publishers and authors on digitising their books, the Financial Times reports.
Virgin Atlantic said it "deeply regrets its involvement in this matter and believes the provisional settlement reached now draws a line under this episode.
A spokesman for Virgin Atlantic said: "We deeply regret our involvement in this matter and believe that the provisional settlement reached draws a line under this episode.
This was a very complicated process, but he hoped to have a provisional settlement figure within a month.
Shortly thereafter, the CPSC announced a provisional settlement for the largest civil penalty in the organization's history.
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