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For the same reason, we include bills and provisionary measures that are still being debated in Congress.
If the translator were to identify the main provisionary clause as a first step in the process of source text analysis, the segmentation of the legislative sentence could proceed and the translation task would be less daunting.
The council started out as a steering committee of 16 people who brainstormed administrative options, which they took to the larger community and got the mandate to set up the provisionary council that has served them until now.
In this poem, the speaker joins with the Biblical Eve to mourn the mortal body, its vulnerabilities, its provisionary life as nurturer.
Authentify accesses a series of third-parry databases, including Acxiom's InfoBase TeleSource, to complete a reverse lookup on the telephone number, and provides information regarding the provisionary characteristics and geographic location of a phone.
In contrast, the author argues in Adornian fashion for an aporetic understanding of palabre that, rather than monological harmony, generates provisionary compromise respectful of specificity and alterity.
President Heuss himself reflected at the end of the decade that "what had begun as a provisionary response, [had] become a foregone conclusion.
The chapter plans to file for provisionary chapter status at the next SPJ board of directors meeting in April in San Diego.
HCFA announced a provisionary payment policy of $40 per administration with a $30 supplement for injections of 10,000 units or more.
In proposing the magic of language as a revelation which translates into social agency, Ducornet's fiction envisions the possibility of Eden's reconstitution (JC 158) and thus moves beyond a nihilistic deconstruction to point the way toward a feminist subjectivity which, like sexuality itself, is provisionary, temporary, changing, fluid, and multiple.
Benedict, where Abbot Smith had earlier signed a provisionary agreement for land.
These measures were in addition to earlier ones including the suspension of European aid, an arms embargo and visa restrictions on members of the Provisionary Ruling Council, the Federal Executive Committee and their families.