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Brecht introduced ironic elements of humor and levity into his script as counterweight to the wartime epic of the profiteering provisioner and her family; Szasz by contrast, generally cuts or minimizes those lighter moments (with the exception of the wonderful songs by Paul Dessau and Hanns Eisler) to underline the unmitigated inhumanity of war.
Art Technology Group Inc (ATG), a provider of customer management and e-commerce products and services, has introduced its new ATG Mobile Application Provisioner for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).
A carefully selected multiservice platform allows the provisioner to have competitive advantages over incumbent ILECs, as well as peer competitors.
Optus Satellite has announced a new wholesale relationship with URSYS, a designer and provisioner of satellite based voice and data communications, specifically for complex networks in remote and rural areas.
The Specialty Food Markets publishing group of BNP Media (Troy, MI), the publisher of "National Provisioner, has begun the publication of "Independent Provisioner," a new magazine serving the information needs of the independent small to mid-sized meat, poultry and game processors.
That sale involved the sale of 19 magazines and their related properties, including "Beverage Industry," "The National Provisioner" and "International Gaming & Wagering Business."
The division produces 15 specialized food and beverage magazines, including: "Beverage Industry," "Brand Packaging," "Candy Industry," "Confectioner," "Dairy Field," "Flexible Packaging," "Food & Drug Packaging," "Industria Alimenticia," "Meat & Deli Retailer," "The National Provisioner," "PL Buyer," "Refrigerated & Frozen Foods," "Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Retailer," "Snack Food & Wholesale Retailer" and "Stagnito's New Product Magazine."
Toad Data Point, a tool for the analytic data provisioner, provides connectivity to traditional data sources, such as RDBMs and columnar data warehouses, along with non-traditional data sources including, Business Objects, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and cloud data sources, through an intuitive interface that lets analysts automate routine tasks.
Ascend produces a range of magazines in the food categories, including "National Provisioner," "Stagnito's New Products," "Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Retailer," "Dairy Field" and "Meat & Deli Retailer."
Other Stagnito publications include Beverage Industry, Brand Packaging, Food & Drug Packaging and The National Provisioner.
Related SCI titles include Refrigerated and Frozen Foods, National Provisioner, Beverage Industry and Snackfood and Wholesale Bakery.
Stagnito assets include Refrigerated and Frozen Foods, Dairy Field, Beverage Industry, National Provisioner, Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery, Candy Industry, Confectioner and Industria Alimenticia.