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Hence, the obtained answer is only of provisory nature; however, based on it, the officers, having specified the value of the aforementioned parameter, may already come to certain conclusions.
In the researched context other results assume shapes of particular concerns: the socio-demographic data show that more than a half of the children were sent to provisory care accompanied by one or more siblings.
A society held together by force is "not only in a provisory state, but in a very dangerous state" and such a society could not consent to being held together by force.
The use of temporary workers is an immediate solution but a shortterm and provisory one.
in groups of three, six, or eight people, in general hidden as much as possible, each group as far away as possible from the others in every way, in the flimsiest provisory straw housing hedged around with thorny bushes for protection from wild animals.
These developments showed up in the franchisor's provisory balance sheet of 2002, which showed, for example, a rise in commercial credits from 23 million [euro] to 30 million [euro].
Although discordant, Fondane's conception regarding the cohabitation of man and history (which is actually a kinship--and not a separation, despite the difference--between the intelligible and the sensible) adheres to this vision (antiplatonical and yet antirationalist) to such an extent that it could have subscribed with no hesitation to the next situation described by Levinas: "It would suffice to show the purely operator and provisory role of man in the development and the manifestation of an assembly of terms that make a system .
Some studies based on toxicological research have reported that a provisory tolerance florfenicol level in milk, should be in a concentration range between 0.
The tubes were shaken again on a shaker at the provisory specified conditions, at intervals of 3, 6, 17, 32, 35, 40, 57, 60 and 65 hours.
Asymptomatic points towards more than 60% stenosis but the provisory is that there is a less than 3% peri-procedural neurological morbidity.
It is not clear whether the withdrawal would be definitive or provisory.
This was payback for the Ministry of Finance's support for the Estrup regime that governed through provisory laws approved by Landstinget from 1877 until 1894.