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It was one of the most eagerly-awaited hotels in the emirate last year and Provocateur sits within its Restaurant Village, which houses a number of third-party operated F&B venues.
With it, Provocateur brings "surreal European dollhouse imagery and top-of-the-line lighting" as well as a reputation for being a magnet for big names in the world of EDM.
The partnership will see CDNetworks deliver on-demand Dynamic Website Acceleration services to accelerate Agent Provocateur s website performance, improving the end-user experience and growing the company s global online sales.
Agent Provocateur continued: "As we grow our sales operations and expand our offering into emerging markets such as China and the Middle East, CDNetworks will enable us to be more competitive in these markets.
Thus, many analysts in Turkey and abroad see the true provocateurs as being the Turkish police.
Agent Provocateur never discusses any of its clientele or their purchases," the spokesperson added.
Megan wears: Melody black and pink striped basque (pounds 295) and brief (pounds 50) by Agent Provocateur at Selfridges Kate wears: Carmen embroidered lace and satin padded plunge bra (pounds 20) and thong (pounds 12) by Caprice.
Agent Provocateur opened its first boutique in London's Soho in 1994 and what followed was a media frenzy usually reserved for superstars; the response was both exceptional and overwhelming
LINGERIE maker Agent Provocateur has increased sales by eight per cent as it opens 13 new stores.
EROTIC lingerie firm Agent Provocateur today said it was "going from strength to strength" as Brits keep recession at bay in the bedroom.
We can reveal Agent Provocateur will open a flagship shop within months.