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His pardon, provocatively, undermined the judge who passed the sentence, implying that we should have no trust in our judges and our justice system.
Then you come out dressed a bit provocatively and that's the image you give off.
Condemning the devout Christian producers of the film, another blogger provocatively dismissed the idea of "firebomb[ing] these men's houses.
He thus seems to be calling, provocatively, for the proliferation of Gramsci's political and moral thought, spreading his legacy into the future as an antidote to what Jaar calls the "sleep of consciousness.
You could read the big cover story in National Geographic in November provocatively entitled, "Was Darwin Wrong?
which saw Winehouse give male fans heart failure by running her fingers provocatively through her hair.
Despite my advancing years, I am still ``turned on'' by the sight of a provocatively clad woman, so long as she's in, or close to, my age group.
That brilliance is certainly there, however, as when, in chapter two, Moten cogently addresses the overlapping homophobia and homoeroticism to be found in Amiri Baraka's writing, or as when, speaking of Baraka's ambivalence about the work of reputedly gay composer Cecil Taylor, Moten asks provocatively, "Is jazz a kind of closet[?
Cannon's reconquista allies couldn't have phrased that smear more provocatively had they scripted his comments themselves, as they likely did.
Granada provocatively suggests that the rivalry between Kassel and Hven made Rothmann's visit tantamount to espionage, although another factor may have been Rothmann's medical needs.
Even more provocatively, Haile-Selassie's group concludes that 6-to-7-million-year-old fossil teeth that have been attributed by other researchers to two separate hominid genera, Sahelanthropus (SN.
And, in a provocatively written article, technology consultant Joseph Zucchero urges companies to crack down on wasteful IT projects.