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Revenge triumphs over death; love slights it; honor aspireth to it; grief flieth to it; fear preoccupateth it; nay, we read, after Otho the emperor had slain himself, pity (which is the tenderest of affections) provoked many to die, out of mere compassion to their sovereign, and as the truest sort of followers.
The result had been perpetual disturbance of mind provoked by self-torturing speculations on the subject of the murder.
This provoked him to the last degree, and he called me not only an unkind wife, but an unnatural mother, and asked me how I could entertain such a thought without horror, as that of leaving my two children
My blood was now fired to the utmost, though I knew what he had said was very true, and nothing could appear more provoked.
To brazil she will go often, and hopefully to many other places to accumulate richness of knowledge, of sites, of feelings, and of meaning; to be provoked by many and, perhaps--who knows?
and settlers had provoked the students, according to the local school principal
Let us look at some of the recent aspects where bigotry may have been provoked.
Bulgaria's new PM, appointed by parliament May 29, has provoked the ire of parts of the public by making a number of questionable appointments a most notably that of national security head Delyan Peevski.
The placebo-controlled study aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Cutaneous Lysate in the treatment of provoked vestibulodynia; a form of a vulvar pain symptom called vulvodynia.
htm) Innocence of Muslims , the US-produced film that has provoked angry demonstrations worldwide.
The FIR mentions that Kejriwal provoked sloganeering protesters marching towards the Prime Minister's residence.
They will not be provoked and their animal instincts would be under control," she added.