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If they can provoke the US and others to build more military actions around them they can tell the population - we need a strong military government, we need nuclear weapons and we need to remain your masters and you will have to sustain the misery in which you live.
Parental kissing after eating a food allergen can transfer enough to a child's skin to provoke a dermatologic reaction," she said.
The plausibility of this scenario, and the desirability of formulating the best alternative to our current failed policy, means that that the following four issues deserve serious consideration: What strategies are likely to provoke discontinuous change in drug policy?
Accommodation to the contemporary practice environment inevitably provokes a profound challenge to professional values learned during training and reinforced during the retrospective reimbursement period in medicine.
These conditions can provoke substantial anxiety, particularly in patients who have a family history of breast cancer or know someone with the disease.
Simply broadcasting the call has the usual effect of luring a male, but the puffing sac provokes attacks.
The effect of Borges's oft-cited Chinese encyclopedia--which ordered the animal kingdom according to seemingly far-fetched and fantastic categories--and the laughter it provokes in the reader, was appreciated by Foucault for its insight into the limitations of any worldview, even our own "enlightened" outlook, allegedly free of the problematic conceptualizations of the benighted past.
For 20 years, studies of rats and other nonhuman animals have suggested that sustained exposure to high concentrations of stress hormones provokes cell loss in the hippocampus, a brain structure integral to memory and spatial navigation.
This provokes the conceptual crisis of the story: identity becomes merely an act of will, as permeable as fabric.
Referring to the ignominious public molestation of a teenaged girl in Guwahati, Vijayvargiya said women should wear clothes that enable them to earn respect of others and does not provoke them.