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11 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently published data from the New York Academy of Sciences indicate that Cambridge Biotech Corporation's (NASDAQ: CBCX) Stimulon adjuvant was effective in provoking a higher and longer-lasting antibody response than other adjuvants tested in a study on 18 post-surgical melanoma patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.
Provoking new ideas to see around the next corner creates award-winning innovations that sell.
HMPV appears to be capable of provoking severe infections, and its role in human respiratory infections is still poorly understood.
These actions would open "an advanced phase of the struggle" by provoking "an authoritarian turn to the right" -- which, in the Marxist dialectic refers to the inflicting of harsh police-state measures on the people by the government.
Lieberman is leading a hostile campaign against some Arab countries, and he is provoking others against Iraq, in particular," said an editorial in Al Thawra, the newspaper of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party.
But Nicolson said: "I don't think it was just me and Kevin provoking it ourselves.
Rondinone's interest in provoking confrontations between the real and the artificial also informs his more complex installations, which owe much to the artist's early dabbling in performance art.
In doing so, they show just how widespread and expensive these anti-Castro activities were (at least $500 million a year), how extensive press cooperation was (Life purchased ship-to-shore radios for commandos) and how dangerously close we came to provoking a war with Russia.
Rising strike activity always ran the risk of provoking a rightist reaction, which took place first under President (formerly General) Dutra and then, much more intensively, under the military regime of 1964-85.
That is the antithesis of what Culture Clash and what good theater ought to be doing, is provoking discussion, provoking dialogue.
art is original, thought provoking and printed in water-based inks that won't harm the planet.