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PROVOST. A title given to the chief of some corporations or societies. In France, this title was formerly given to some presiding judges. The word is derived from the Latin praepositus.

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Rain, Provost replied in true cowboy style, is part of the experience.
Girl power Former provosts Nancy Allison, Anne Hall and Celia Lawson with Lorraine Cameron, second left
No matter how hard he or she is working as provost, you can really tell they are on a trajectory toward being the president.
Provost said it's hard for him to imagine not being surrounded with his beloved KISS memorabilia, like the splintered scrap of Paul Stanley's smashed guitar from a 1996 Dallas concert.
UO spokeswoman Julie Brown declined to say what the UO is willing to pay its new provost, saying that salary and benefits will be negotiated.
Alexandra Hurt, Director-Operations, Frank Provost said, "We all make promises to ourselves but the same time resist taking that step towards change.
The row began after the Provost was asked to sit at the side of the congregation during a Jewish ceremony because she wasn't allowed to sit with the men.
Beginning in June 2002, the Operations Division of the US Forces (Joint) Provost Marshal Office once again began the painstaking process to establish an essential requirement for police responsibilities in Korea.
With the expansion in our housing capacity and related amenities, University Square will provide a lively, urban, 24/7 atmosphere for the campus," said Gene Vincent, executive vice provost for administration "The location of University Square couldn't be more advantageous for our students, as it is situated just minutes away from the Newark Museum, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Riverfront Stadium and downtown businesses.
Administratively, library services operate within academic governance with a Dean, Academic Provost and faculty structure; IT operates with an Associate Vice President who reports to the Vice President for Research and Development, who reports directly to the President.
Canon Banks, who is acting provost at Leicester, is diocesan chairman of the traditionalist church group, Forward in Faith.