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PROVOST. A title given to the chief of some corporations or societies. In France, this title was formerly given to some presiding judges. The word is derived from the Latin praepositus.

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Top team All of the winners with sponsors and Provost Lorraine Cameron
Mini hero Little Ruairidh Clark collects his Carer's Award with former provost Nancy Allison
Martin: We see provosts working with college attorneys more than ever, and the issue is accountability.
But Mr Stephen, Lib Dem Lord Provost of Aberdeen, one of four ceremonial figures in Scotland's largest cities, last night defended his claims, which were within his pounds 4,000-a-year allowance.
But critics of the Labour Provost say she is happy to go to Muslim events where women are treated similarly.
Jolene Koester, provost and vice president for academic affairs and professor of communication studies at CSU Sacramento.
Three additional, unnamed candidates for the provost position - the culmination of a national candidate search - are scheduled to come to campus for two-day visits on each of the next three weeks.
Midlothian Lord Provost Adam Montgomery put in an pounds 890 claim for the Kilmarnock FC kilt - and the pounds 60 cost of a 150-mile round trip to the Ayrshire town to buy it.
People always saw the work of diversity as temporary, and that just hasn't happened," says the vice president for Minority Affairs and vice provost for diversity at the University of Washington.
Glasgow's Lord Provost Liz Cameron and her entourage even managed to spend nearly pounds 12,000 on a trip to Sri Lanka - to see how aid money raised in the city was being spent.
According to Kent State University Vice Provost Steve Michael, the initial conversation at the ACE conference arose after Michael and staffers in his office built a database of diversity officers nationwide.
He added: 'It is part of her job as Provost to foster good relationship with all the ethnic and religious communities'It's not her job to pick and chose which events she attends according to her own agenda.