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DuraForm ProX AF+ material is an aluminum-filled polyamide (Nylon) with a gray appearance, high strength-to-weight ratio, elevated thermal resistance and improved machinability.
Dealers and installers now have transmitter choices, TRANS PROX or traditional radio transmitters to meet their every day requirements.
Designed for the manufacturing floor, the ProX 500 produces ready-to-use functional parts and complete assemblies for a variety of aerospace, automotive, patient specific medical devices, fashion products and mobile devices use cases.
Using the physics of sound wave propagation, PROX technology is able to extract clear voice signals from environments with greater than 80 db background noise.
The ProX 950 is flexible and versatile, and can produce precision parts with accuracy that rivals CNC machining, ranging in sizes smaller than the eye of a needle all the way to parts larger than a life-size tiger without compromising feature details or true-to-CAD accuracy.
Radio Frequency (RF) Prox Card technology is a new feature integrated in SlimKey - MD Keyboards.
The ProX 500 is equipped with 3DS latest print drivers, automated part nesting on the fly and optional, automated material handling module that streamlines production and recycling of materials for an optimal product every time.
Delivering a breakthrough write speed of up to 10MB/second, SimpleTech's ProX CompactFlash cards enable images to be saved faster to the CompactFlash card and significantly reduces the wait time between digital photography shots.
The slim, compact design of ProX SD cards make them the ideal solution for a variety of SD-compatible handheld devices, including digital cameras, video recorders, PDAs, MP3 music players and smart phones, as well as digital projectors, photo printers and voice recorders," said Roberts.
Looking to support the government's installed base of HID PROX physical access systems, Axalto's PIV cards may optionally provide legacy support for these systems beyond that of the FIPS 201 requirements.
HID Corporation, the premier manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry, today announced the company's newest access control reader, named RP40 multiCLASS(TM), that combines its Prox 125 kHz proximity and iCLASS(R) 13.
56 MHz, Prox 125 kHz, and Wiegand card and reader technology design, manufacture and distribution processes.