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With automated materials handling through the material quality control (MQC) system, the ProX SLS 6100 provides continuous automatic sifting and filtering with maintenance-free transportation of material to the printer.
FLIR said the addition of the Prox Dynamics business will augment its Surveillance segment by extending FLIR's Airborne sensor product line and fully leveraging Lepton technology.
When it comes time to have your worker's comp coverage audited, it's important to be sure all employees' roles are properly classified, Prox advises.
The ProX SLS 500 is winning deals today because of its superior capabilities; the new price point makes it accessible to additional customers, which we believe will enable us to increase our installed base faster and be more competitive in the market, said Jim Ruder, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Plastics, 3D Systems.
The ACT-31D and ACT-34D TRANS PROX are ideally suited for multi-tenant gated communities such as apartments, condominiums, and office buildings as well as residential garage and commercial door operators.
Watch a video to see how the ProX DMP 320 can accelerate production cycle times and improve the quality and performance of metal parts.
With the elevated production capabilities and repeatable results of the ProX 500 and ProX 500 Plus, service bureaus and large manufacturing operations in industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, customized medical devices, consumer products and rapid tooling can rethink entire production and supply chain strategies for advanced product performance and lower total manufacturing costs.
PROX technology brings unmatched noise reduction to the BlueCore Multimedia platform while maintaining the purity of the speaker's voice.
With the ProX 400 we ve added best-in-class productivity to go along with the accuracy, surface finish and metal quality of our other direct metal printers.
The ProX range of Direct Metal Printing (DMP) 3D printers provide seamless and intuitive metal 3D printing in a wide range of industries, said NovaCopy s president of 3D Printing Solutions, Melissa Ragsdalem, 3D printing in metal offers unrivaled design freedom with the ability to manufacture parts from a wide range of materials.
Sipes represent one important design element of the many features that tire manufacturers constantly seek to balance in order to achieve certain performance targets, resulting in a wide variety of tread options and corresponding tire molds that the ProX 300 makes instantly possible.
Hub Manager Professional Software, combined with our Hub Max II, Mini Max II, Prox.