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The proximal surface bear narrow grooves which are comparatively less in number and are curved and sinuous.
Strain gauges were fixed on the proximal surface, placed perpendicular to the long root axis, and used to measure the tensile strain of the proximal surface induced by the placement of the posts.
After chromosomes move to opposite poles, [gamma]-Tubulin migrates from polar/distal surfaces of reforming nuclei to the proximal surfaces where it generates the opposing arrays of phragmoplast microtubules (Fig.
Carious lesions on proximal surfaces are challenging to both industrialized and developing countries.
For the frontal section of large otoliths of postjuvenile and adult fish, the otolith proximal surface was placed facing up, and OL was measured.
Thus, the aim of this study was to correlate alveolar bone loss in buccal/palatal and proximal surfaces of upper molars in Wistar rats.
velata, the distal surfaces are densely echinate, but the proximal surface essentially lacks ornamentation (Fig.
The higher value of the two measurements of each proximal surface was recorded for statistical analyses.
There were 12 children (13.3%) who had gingival bleeding (score 1) in at least one proximal surface. The mean percentage of surfaces that showed gingival bleeding after being flossed ranged from 0 to 12.5%, with a mean of 0.9% (SD [+ or -] 2.5).
Flexible blades (proxy shape) are also used to contour and smooth the reduced proximal surface with abrasive grain size of different dimensions.10 Interproximal reduction can be used to correct Boltan discrepancy.11 All the interproximal reduction methods make the enamel surface rough and more prone to plaque retention.12 According to a study loss of tooth substance is significantly less for teeth treated by orthostrip.

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