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According to the insurance code and case law, if the facts show the Thomas Fire, a covered peril, was the efficient proximate cause of the subsequent mudflow, mudslides, debris flow, landslide, or other similar event, then damage caused by those events should be covered under the property owner's insurance policy.
For condominiums, the focus of this study, the results of this analysis suggest that the immediate presence of a proximate cart path is negatively related to selling prices.
The analysis presented here examines potential price discounts associated with sales of golf course view condominiums with a proximate golf cart path.
However, the loss is not covered if the covered risk was only a remote cause of the loss, or the excluded risk was the efficient proximate or predominant cause.
In 2005, the Supreme Court addressed application of the weather condition and earth movement exclusions and determined these provisions operated together to exclude damages caused by a rain- induced landslide, despite the efficient proximate cause doctrine.
Causation inquires into both factual and proximate cause.
The aim of the present research is, therefore, to study the effect of progressive substitution of QPM flour with soybean and cassava flour on the proximate composition of the bread produced from the composite flour.
The benefits of experience accumulated in countries proximate to the MNE's home country on the MNE's subsequent foreign expansions has been well documented (e.
This Article argues that using proximate cause in statutes raises many theoretical, doctrinal, and practical problems, and that, to date, courts have engaged in crude statutory interpretation that largely ignores these issues.
The First Circuit held that Kearney's possession of the child pornography satisfied [section] 2259's proximate causation standard because Vicky's injuries were "reasonably foreseeable" at the time of Kearney's conduct.
case that distinguished the application of proximate cause analysis in
These words are frustratingly familiar to any judge advocate faced with explaining the concept of "proximate cause" to IOs and commanders, who are often tempted to focus on negligence alone, and treat proximate causation as "obvious" or ignore it altogether.