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Thus, under the Provisions of a Consequential Loss or Loss of Profit Insurance Policy, if any, in the afore-mentioned case, the Insureds would have also been entitled to lodge their Claim on their concerned Insurers, in respect of the Loss of Profit/Increased Costs of Working et al, which they would have genuinely suffered, due to the Occurrence of the Loss, Proximately Caused in the said scenario.
2B), There is a slight expansion along the medial part of the bony shaft, The base is flattened in dorsal view and concave in ventral view, and rather wide (close to 60% in proportion to SL), The lateral processes of the base (seen from ventral view) are developed, Proximately, the base is constricted in the center, wider on the extremes with half-straight borders, The trident is about 45% of SL and the medial digit protrudes beyond the lateral ones (Fig.
While the court acknowledged that the efficient proximate cause doctrine is not appropriate in Arizona, it said that the doctrine was not necessary "to find that the damage here could have been directly and proximately caused by the wildfire.
The predominant role of the Khartoum regime in benefitting from BNPP's criminal financial activities is beyond question--at the very least, 72 percent of those "directly and proximately harmed" by the action of BNPP.
Accordingly, insureds need to demonstrate that a loss is proximately caused by one or more particular defined political-violence perils for coverage to be engaged.
As Rothstein holds that proximate cause is required to state a claim under [section] 2333, our next task is to determine whether plaintiffs allege that the actions of the defendants proximately caused their injuries.
12) At Kearney's sentencing hearing, the district court found that he had proximately caused Vicky to incur losses within the meaning of [section] 2259, and ordered him to pay Vicky the government's proposed restitution figure of $3800.
He said the total health costs are estimated at Rs 114 billion, or proximately 1.
Although the defendants did not outright concede that the mislabeling was a departure, they demonstrated that nothing they did proximately caused Susan to have to undergo the resection of her right shoulder.
COURT'S OPINION: The Court of Appeals of North Carolina held that the trial court properly instructed the jury regarding the damages proximately caused by the defendant's negligence.
Vanloan alleged that the injuries were proximately caused buy Dr.
The IRS's alternative argument was that the taxpayer's loan was proximately related to his status as a management company employee (rather than to a trade or business of managing venture capital funds), so it yielded an employee business bad debt expense as a miscellaneous itemized deduction as defined in Sees.