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PROXIMITY. Kindred between two persons. Dig. 38, 16, 8.

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adsquare will now leverage Unacast's proximity platform, anchored by their Double Deterministic data, for attribution and retargeting at scale.
Our mission is to empower manufacturers around the world to optimize their operational efficiency and effectiveness using IQMS software, and our partnership with Proximity furthers that commitment, said Gary Nemmers, president and CEO of IQMS.
The proximity feature works well with the new personal wearable devices that recently have been introduced on the market.
Malteurop, a global leader in the malting industry with headquarters based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, [has filed] suit in Milwaukee County Circuit Court against Proximity Malt and former Malteurop employees," stated Kurt Seagrist of Malteurop.
As proposed, coal mine operators will be required to use proximity systems that cause a coal-hauling machine or scoop to stop before contacting a miner; provide audible and visual warning signals when a miner gets too close to the machine (within the machine's warning zone); provide a visual signal on the machine that indicates the system is functioning properly; prevent movement of the machine if the system is not functioning properly; prevent interference with or from other electrical systems; and be installed and maintained by a person trained in the system's installation and maintenance.
Browse the full Proximity and Displacement Sensor Market report at http://www.
The use of adult proximity has been suggested as an effective strategy for managing inappropriate behavior (Gunter & Shores, 1995) and encouraging task engagement (Conroy, Asmus, Ladwig, Sellers, & Valcante, 2004) because proximity provides adults with opportunities to monitor student behavior.
On January 15, MSHA published its final rule on proximity detection systems for continuous mining machines in underground coal mines.
27 October 2014 - UK communications solutions provider Maintel Holdings plc (LON:MAI) announced today the acquisition of local unified communications and managed services provider Proximity Communications Ltd for an initial gross consideration of GBP11.
Access is often a consideration in the property purchaser's mind, so proximity to a railway station has always been considered to add value to a property.
The proximity format is based on RONA's successful Totem stores in the Alberta market and is designed to replace larger stores.
The company said that it is delivering integrated ambient light and proximity sensor as well as discrete proximity sensor devices for the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Neo models.