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Being compliant with the rule is important, but not as important as a firm's ability to demonstrate their procedural prudence.
L'auteur affirme que : <<[l]es tiers ne sont beneficiaires du devoir de prudence et de diligence de l'administrateur que par l'entremise de la relation debiteur-creancier qui lie la societe a son administrateur>> [notes omises] (27).
In light of the continuing duty to monitor investments and remove imprudent ones, so long as the alleged breach of the continuing duty occurs within six years of suit, a plaintiff may allege that a fiduciary breached the duty of prudence by failing to properly monitor investments and remove imprudent ones.
More than one critic mentioned Prudences debt to Ian McEwan, whose tragic plots often stem from small mistakes.
While the Supreme Court could have ended its discussion after striking the presumption of prudence, it went on to provide some commentary about stock drop claims.
Other stars on the retreat included actress Mia Farrow and her sister Prudence - about whom Dear Prudence was written - and Mike Love of The Beach Boys.
CUTLINE: (1) A CVS Pharmacy and the Worcester Registry of Deeds mark the area where Prudence Clothing and the Warner Theater were once situated on Front Street in Worcester.
Despite the lifting of the embargo, we still need to ensure that this financial prudence remains in place going forward.
Acting club chairman Peter Pannu said in a statement: "We are pleased that the hard work of those at the club and the Football League has paid off, and that the financial prudence put in place since Carson Yeung's arrest has been recognised.
In an age-old dilemma for many parents, daughter Prudence really, really, really wants a pet.
Passion, prudence, and virtue in Shakespearean drama.
Food artist Prudence who mixes food with art was asked to create the unique item.