prudent conduct

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Next, after the Fable of the Hawk and Nightingale, which serves as a condemnation of violence and injustice, the poet passes on to contrast the blessing which Righteousness brings to a nation, and the punishment which Heaven sends down upon the violent, and the section concludes with a series of precepts on industry and prudent conduct generally.
And now I was indeed in the height of what I might call my prosperity, and I wanted nothing but to be a wife, which, however, could not be in this case, there was no room for it; and therefore on all occasions I studied to save what I could, as I have said above, against a time of scarcity, knowing well enough that such things as these do not always continue; that men that keep mistresses often change them, grow weary of them, or jealous of them, or something or other happens to make them withdraw their bounty; and sometimes the ladies that are thus well used are not careful by a prudent conduct to preserve the esteem of their persons, or the nice article of their fidelity, and then they are justly cast off with contempt.
The BSP chief expects this combination of high growth and low inflation to be sustained moving forward on the back of the economy's rising productive capacity and prudent conduct of monetary and fiscal policy.
The issuance of sovereign debt will also contribute to more prudent conduct of monetary policy by providing an additional and useful tool to manage domestic liquidity.
Prudent conduct of the business is usually the goal, which suggests that TVT did the smart thing even though they could not get insurance coverage for it.
Clearly, Sarbanes-Oxley and its progeny have not only altered the way publicly-traded companies operate, but continue to redefine the baseline for what is considered prudent conduct for businesses and executives of all stripes.
Sound investment and risk management practices and strong capital positions are critical elements in the prudent conduct of these activities," he wrote.