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En efecto, siguiendo en el tiempo las etapas sucesivas hasta la configuracion del Opus Dei como prelatura personal, el lector aprecia en San Josemaria --como consecuencia de la panoramica del complejo itinerario canonico recorrido, mas que por la insistencia del autor en detalles biograficos-- la figura de un jurista dotado de una extraordinaria prudentia iuris, junto con un gran amor por la Iglesia y respeto hacia las autoridades eclesiasticas.
(20.) The Theses variae de morali prudentia (1629), whose dedication Conring signed "Hermannus Conringius, A.
(19.) Petrarca, La vita di Romolo, 13 and 25; Pontanus, De Prudentia, ciii.
Majore vero prudentia, qui id egit exemplo suo, ne similium return cupiditas & licentia ad deteriores postmodum cives perveniret."
The ultimate societal skill arising from this last category of arts is prudentia, "practical wisdom," that is, "the skill of accommodating all things of which we make use in this life, to their proper place, times, persons, and functions" (134, quoting Watson's translation of Vives).
Wehle does not distinguish, however, between prudentia and astutia.
In his preface to his commentary on Xenophon's Hellenica, dated about 1440, he stated that he had noticed that Agnolo had been puzzled by his "hesitation and slowness" in "actions that might easily lead to war." If "we have seemed hesitant and tardy," indeed "timid and diffident in such matters, either to you or to others, know that the reason was that historical examples are always holding me back and frightening me away from every kind of confrontation." And then, after a few remarks on how states are endangered by leaders lacking in moderation, who govern by spiritus rather than by prudentia, Bruni begins an exposition on Xenophon as his guide to military caution.(67)
In her role as the wise advisor or counselor to the senate, the Ragusan Mens-[Greek Text Omitted] seems to express a concept bearing close parallels to qualities associated with the idea normally embodied in personifications of Prudentia. Moreover, such a personification would seem a natural and even obvious choice for a counterpart to the figure of Iustitia appearing at the entrance to the Consilium minus.
At the court of Holland-Bavaria, Dirk of Delft's scholastic summa, the Tafel vanden kersten ghelove (Mirror of the Christian Faith), could certify clerical supervision over external forms of pilety, even as Dirk Potter's nearly contemporary Blome der doechden (Flower of Virtues) ignored the clergy, endorsing prudentia and const (artfulness) rather than the sacraments as the means to salvation.
Lo absunto della sua prima predica in San Marco furono queste parole dello Exodo: Quanto magis premebant eos, tanto magis multiplicabantur et crescebant: et prima che venissi alla dichiaratione di queste parole, monstro per qual cagione egli s'era ritirato indreto, et disse: prudentia est recta ratio agibilium.
Thus, Aquinas says, "prudentia adiuvet omnes virtutes, et in omnibus operetur" (Summa 2) ["prudence helps the other virtues and works throughout them all"].
Pollenti stabilita manu, (Deus almus, eandem Omnigenis animam, nil prohibente dedit) Ipsa coloris egens virtus, prudentia; honesto Nullus inest animo, nullus in arte color.

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