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Born in Rome to Orazio, a painter, and Prudentia Montone, the young Artemisia learned her trade at her father's side.
The Latin reads, "Ecclesiam tanta in hac re uti prudentia, ut traditiones eiusmodi ne scripto narrari permittat nisi cautione multa adhibita praemissaque declaratione ab Urbano VIII.
26, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Prudentia Fiduciary Partners, a recently formed unbiased, third-party retirement plan sponsor fiduciary services management firm, has announced the launch of their Fiduciary IQ Assessment.
Calderdale recently spent PS40,000 switching their motto from Industria Arte Prudentia (which the internet tells me means 'Industry, skill and foresight) to Pretty Gritty.
Un richiamo, questo, abbastanza suggestivo alla proverbiale massima machiavelliana nella lettera a Piero Soderini: "Donde lo vedo, non con lo specchio vostro, dove non si vede se non prudentia, ma per quello de' piu, che si habbia nelle cose a giudicare il fine come se son fatte, et non il mezzo come le si fanno" (Lettere 229).
of Naples "Federico II," Italy) explores the philosophical progression from the ancient Christian virtue of tolerance to the right of the freedom of religion and conscience backed by the civil virtue of prudentia, focusing in particular on 18th century Dutch and Italian culture and writings by such figures as Baruch Spinoza, John Locke, Gerard Noodt, Jean Barbeyrac, and Gianfrancesco Conforti.
According to the research carried out by investment banking society Prudentia and stock exchange NASDAQ OMX Riga in cooperation with SIA Lursoft IT and magazine Kapitals, the value of SEB banka has increased by 27.
9) prudentia, a Ciceronian word for Greek [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], cf.
RIGA - While Citadele Bank remains under the ownership of the Latvian state, its value continues to drop regardless of the economic situation, claims investment banker and IBS Prudentia partner Girts Rungainis, reports Nozare.
1 million after the runaway defendant, manager of Prudentia Investment Co, pretended he owned a plot in the Waterfront and wanted the amount to cede ownership.
Prudentia is nothing other than the disposition to guide one's choices and action by practical reasonableness.
Here, Luhmann invokes the concept of prudentia, which possesses a moral dimension (Luhmann 1995:46), in other words--a cultural ideal of the right action at the right time.

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