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It may or may not be the appropriate time to prune clematis.
After the first flush of flowers in early summer, prune the old flowers to strong buds immediately below, to encourage a second flush of flowers later in the summer.
Its important to prune properly, whether you hire someone or do it yourself.
Blueberry growers prune their bushes annually to remove old growth, rejuvenate the bushes, and balance fruit load.
To a degree you can simply train the plant as you require, but it's often a good idea to prune so that you get the greatest spread of plant.
The study also found that the prune eaters experienced greater weight loss during the last four weeks of the study.
Paul is so excited by the versatility and flavour of California Prunes that he has created a new California Prune and Pecan Praline Blondie recipe to demonstrate the delicious flavour of one of Britain's best-loved dried fruits.
Prune back to a few inches above ground level in spring.
Little wonder, then, that many gardeners are baffled as to when to actually prune their roses to ensure a flurry of gorgeous flowers in the summer and beyond.
The cardinal rule with new roses is always to prune the stems on dormant bushes to three buds before planting, no matter how resistant you feel to cutting healthy growth.
This comprehensive manual contains 27 chapters that update Prune Orchard Management, which was first printed in 1981.