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A study by the University's Institute of Psychology, Health and Society tested 100 overweight and obese low fibre consumers whether eating prunes as part of a weight loss diet helped or hindered weight control over a 12-week period, examining if they could tolerate eating substantial numbers of prunes in their diet, and if it had a beneficial effect on appetite, Deccan Chronicle reports.
Paul, who is acclaimed for his unusual and indulgent use of ingredients and his on-going passion to create everything by hand, launched the California Prune and Pecan Praline Blondie at the high profile consumer Cake and Bake Show in Manchester, demonstrating the recipe in the show's main theatre in April.
GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT - Pruning standard apple trees NOW is the time to prune your standard apple trees to keep them in shape, allow in more light and reduce the amount of fruit they carry, which will result in larger, tastier, better quality fruits.
The premium produce is supplied to 70 countries worldwide and the region contributes 60% of the world's prune supplies.
The best time to prune autumn and winter-planted roses and established bushes is early spring, when growth is just beginning and the uppermost buds are swelling but no leaves have appeared.
If you don't have time to prune, consider investing in some ground cover or patio roses which will just need a tidy-up in spring.
You want to learn how the shrub should look so you can prune it to maintain that natural shape.
If yon want to have the largest and most glorious roses of the neighborhood, you will prune hard.
Clematis are the climbers which cause the most confusion when it comes to pruning because there are three groups of them, and if you prune the wrong type at the wrong time you'll ruin your chances for blooms this year.
Californian prune producers are stepping up efforts to reposition the fruit as a snack to combat sluggish sales.