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Ten picked at random will each get a set of pruners.
To win the title, Aguilar, 49, had to defeat top pruners from Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Mendocino and Marin counties.
In addition, these Wilkinson Sword hand pruners now come with a 10-year guarantee for complete peace of mind.
Acacia protected from ants for two full growing seasons grew less dense, with 25 percent fewer branches than did trees with unimpeded pruners.
Young pruners are restricted from using some of the tools used by adult pruners and also, like the adults, are not allowed to climb.
The pole pruners include 8-ft-long glass fiber poles, giving the tools an overall length of 10 ft.
The lineup includes anvil and bypass pruners and loppers, a folding hand saw, planting trowels, a rake and a weed remover.
So here it is, a pair of pruners that carry a limited lifetime warranty, (and that's your lifetime by the way)
To complement the pruners we have included a pair of useful floral snips for trimming small garden plants, houseplants and herbs.
For example, hand pruners (yes, more than one because you will use a set for each specific task) are illustrated for left-handed use, others that fit smaller hands and some in which the handle rotates so as to reduce hand fatigue.
With ratchet pruners, you can snip off good-sized branches without using a noisy saw.
Pruning can range from rubbing away a new growth between one's thumb and forefinger or it can mean clipping with one of several types of pruning shears or handsaws, pole pruners or pole saws.