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Forgoing exploitation, prurience, and simplistic moralizing, Schleinzer relies on dispassionate, frequently dialogue-free scrutiny instead.
The culture of the UK as a whole has been reeking pungently of late--its venal, voyeuristic, reality-show-obsessed, me-me-me nature thrust under the magnifying glass by revelations about what the tabloid press would do to satisfy the prurience of its readers, hacking into phones at any price, even the phone of a 13-year-old murdered girl.
And where prurience meets public interest, I suspect, "entertainment" will always cross over.
It's a connection gained without prurience, dishonesty or foolhardy law-breaking.
Most surprisingly of all, perhaps, Maqiao combines the inquisitive prurience of a small, isolated, rural community with a raucous licentiousness even through the puritanism of the Maoist years.
My heart broke for him at having been reduced to sometimes feeling embarrassed about his presence because of the prurience of others who could never imagine what his shoulders had had to bear.
"This is the big mistake; this is very big mistake" England team manager Fabio Capello criticises John Terry for his outburst "I tried to suck my whole mouth into my head like Fabio Capello" Comedian Russell Brand on how he put his "acting barrier" up when he had to kiss a male actor in a film "I much prefer overt sexuality to sleazy, vulgar prurience. I was kind of a trailblazer, because I demanded to do it my own way" Actress Dame Helen Mirren, above "One Australian lady in the Outback has invited me back to her farm to do strange things involving a tin bath and several didgeridoos" Actor John Nettles, who is leaving the TV series Midsomer Murders "At 50, I ran naked round the garden wearing only a hat and necklace.
Katz a theatre practitioner who died of AIDS in 1989 there are also passages of such untrammeled prurience as to give writers of gay erotica a major run in their stockings.
I know it's optimistic of me, but I'm partly hoping that tomorrow's Octomonster extravaganza marks some sort of cultural turning point, that we become so repelled by our prurience that we witness the beginning of the end of vapid reality disguised as entertainment.
"Beyond the inherent prurience of imagining the first lady's premarital sex life, it's a stretch to believe that this reserved character would include such details in a narrative, even to herself.
That on the discerning patroness Mme de Pompadour was entitled 'The Art of Love' with giggly adolescent prurience, that on Francis Boucher was called 'Seductive Visions'.
I wondered if recent events in London might have reined in our rampant national prurience. That we might have realised that life is short and precious, and we should live each day to the full rather than sitting back and gawping at others.