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In creating descriptive names for some species, Linnaeus "was a prurient guy," opines Yanega, who created one of the online collections of nomenclaturial high jinks.
Ian Brace Eichner says he purchased 52 Park because it was a "unique" and "great" deal with three elements that "aroused my prurient interest.
There is more to this book, however, than a mass of detail appealing to the prurient.
The subject was originally taboo, so filmmakers who have worked the subject before have been so superficial that the prurient value has appeal to a lot of people.
Whether in prurient crime accounts or in "movies, advertisements, literature, and fashion," American popular culture of the "second half of the twentieth century" has regularly endowed "childhood innocence" with an erotic sensuality "ripe for exploitation.
Morris careens around the world with his camera crew, peering into the sex lives of various cultures, imparting much scientific and sociological information, but, at the same time, displaying almost a prurient, lip-smacking satisfaction with his task.
While it contains a scene of underage sex, the judge held that the film does not appeal to prurient interests.
Blurb not withstanding, the primarily prurient and/or angel-maniacal beware: the book is probably not for you.
Second, SB 6003 prohibits the display of material "which the average adult, applying contemporary community standards, would find, when considered as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest of minors in sex" Exactly what is it that appeals to the prurient interest of minors?
When it was first published, some readers considered the novel prurient and, as a result, it was banned by the leading lending libraries.
The Watergate legacy, says Schudson, is also a factor in the rise of prurient reporting.
It's a serious subject, of course, but this is gutless TV stuff that's both coy and prurient.