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Or, as White pruriently puts it, 'while Bruno's brain fried in the flames, the thoughts and ideas that had sprung from it survived and flourished anew.
Blackett have noted almost all African-American abolitionists--famous and not-so-famous--reported that they generally received a warm welcome in Britain, (31) as Gretchen Gerzina argues, the Victorians "gradually lost the black presence their predecessors had known" and thus some became "genuine racists" and some became almost pruriently, although in many ways benevolently, fascinated with the idea of a black "other.
Fray Luis de Le6n now argues that there is no reason why Solomon's "downward" praise of the Wife's beauty should hasten from her eyes to her "shame," skipping the rest of her body as if he were driven by an incontrollable lust pruriently spilling onto the page.