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release battery connector 7 pry the battery with pry tool 8
"It's a bad idea to carry a big pry bar in prison," he said.
The inventor of the Sheppard Fencing Pry Bar now seeks a third party licensee to manufacture, market, and distribute the product for him under a royalty agreement.
When clinched with your assailant, there may not be enough room to execute the push, pull and pry technique.
CUTLINE: West Boylston police released this image from a surveillance camera at the Bank of America branch at 91 West Boylston St., showing two men attempting to open an ATM machine with a pry bar and a tire iron.
Pry would be sorely missed by SSCN personnel and its customers.
Stake holders in the permit area are: Santos as operator, 50% Peedamullah Petroleum Pry Ltd., 25%; and Mitsui, 25%.
Unlike standard mold-opening methods that involve prying the mold open with metal pry bars or screwdrivers, the tongs move vertically rather than laterally, avoiding damage to the mold.
This results in a positive lifting action without the lateral movement that would occur if a pry bar or screwdriver were used to open a mold.
Judicial Watch, as you may recall from the 1990s, came into national prominence with a series of lawsuits to pry loose documents relating to "Filegate," "Chinagate," "E-Mailgate," and other Clinton scandals.
Phillip Pry Elizabeth Pry William Roulette Margaret Roulette Clara Barton
Plus, the ATRAP team took another step: They used an electric field to pry apart the exotic atoms' positrons and antiprotons.