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Wood frames sometimes crack when you pry out the glass.
Pry the back housing with a pry tool and slide it around the edge.
We're going to ask the state to get rid of it because it's clearly a danger," said Lowry, who added the pry bar puts both officers and offenders at risk of attack and injury.
The Sheppard Fencing Pry Bar will save time and effort on the part of the user when completing this normally strenuous task.
Young's vehicle officers found a pry bar, two hammers, a pair of pliers, two bolt cutters, gloves and three pill bottles belonging to the resident on Seminole Drive,'' police said.
If the track remains stuck, gently pry it with a flat pry bar, use a 3/8-inch plywood backer placed approximately 4 inches to 6 inches under the pry bar so you do not damage the tile or tub.
Then pivot about 90 degrees from the direction you stepped initially and use your forearm like a pry bar, exerting pressure against the assailant's wrist as you pull the gun to your pectoral index.
Guangdong Swire is a joint venture between John Swire & Sons Pry and Guangdong Foodstuffs, which holds the remaining 40% interest, and was established in June of 2008.
Job Safety Analysis Example: Hazard/Mitigation/ Step Hazard Elimination Use of pry bar Sudden release of Push with pry bar at waist to dislodge suction connection to chest level.
Mae rhai pryfed cop yn ceisio amddiffyn eu hunain rhag y gwenyn meirch drwy gynnwys rhai edefynnau eithriadol o gryf yn eu gwe, ac mae hyn yn rhoi cyfle i'r pry cop naill ai ddianc neu ladd y gwenyn meirch tra maen nhw'n sownd yn y we.
Cruise and pal Smith insisted Conor audition for director Gabriele Muccino, but they couldn't resist the temptation to pry.
The group has invited guests from the local theatre community to speak, and its first scheduled public event is coming up this November: an evening of staged readings by the membership as part of a "Colloquium on Terror" at Lebanon Valley College, where Pry is a professor.